Thursday, May 19

Miami Just Keeps Getting Better!! (A PICTURE BLOG)

So the ladies hit South Beach once again this year... and it was even better than last year...
We stayed at the LOVELY Congress Hotel which was actually 4 different buildings.

If you look there at the little middle building you can see the windows of our room! We had the greatest view of the Ocean & the Lummus Park sign!

I knew I was in paradise & it wasn't just my breakfast that made me feel that way:

When we touched down we ate & slinked around Ocean Drive checking out our proximity to all things awesome! They allowed us to check in early & our digs were SO SWEET!

Doesn't it look loverly! That kitchen was all kinds of dopeness! That shower was all kinds of sessy! That bed was all kinds of comfy! WOOP!

We sat in the window at least 2 hours a day when we needed a reprieve from the Flawduh sun. And with floor to ceiling windows & a view like this can you blame us?

There were the typical Miami experiences made better by the company & sunshine:
Giant drinks!

HUGE $6 breakfasts.

Random celeb sightings. (This is RL from Next, but we also saw Ciara & Amare, Floyd Mayweather, Sommore & Raheem Devaughn)

2 for 1 mimosas at BREAKFAST!

Crystal clear water

SUPER fresh sushi

and of course weirdos on the beach!

The view was so awesome...

We had company...
(There's a birdie on the ledge.)

This is the view of the ocean from the rooftop pool. Can you say AMAZING!?!?

We even got up early in the morning to watch the sunrise there 2 days in a row.

We spent alllllll day Saturday at the beach... here are all the pics fit to show:
This lil guy had his own private beach that his dad built for him & later his brother (left top corner) made a run for the waves.

NO ONE needs to see me in a two piece on the interwebs!

Meanwhile, THIS guy was doing his auditing homework on the beach! Ummm, no sir!

It was a great trip with great food & sights & I look forward to putting my feet to the sweet Miami streets again SOON!

Special Thanks to the super cool Congress staff that smoothed out all the rough spots & made it easy for us to relax. Especially Jeffrey, Adrian & Daniel!