Friday, March 8

In Loving Memory

Recently, one of my customers passed away. I work in a customer service capacity for the government so I have regular customers that come to me about printing work. There are customers that are know-it-alls, there are customers that know NOTHING (even thought they have been working in their positions for years), and there are the customers that you don't mind going the extra mile for... She was one of those customers.

When we first herd she was sick, it was just a surgery. She came into the office weeks later not really looking herself. But her personality was still there. Like a sweet country aunt. Sometimes her paperwork was confused, she accepted that. Sometimes someone in her office was making a poor decision, she admitted that. always pleasant & always had a smile in her voice. Eventually she had started working from home more and more. but was still able to manage the workload with help from her co-workers. But eventually it took it's toll and now she has gone on to glory. And people all over the building are sad & sullen because of this loss.

It makes me want to know how people will react to my death. This is not a morbid or depressing thing. This is a what will my life say about me once I am no longer here to live it? Will people all over the building be sad? Will co-workers walk around somberly at my absence? Will people speak positive things about me & smile?

Or will they just say "mm"? Or cut their eyes at each other like "oh well, one less jackass in the bldg"? I can only hope that people remember me fondly and fondly as I remember her. And smile through the tears as they think about my smile.