Thursday, January 26


Yesterday, the blogs were astir with "news" of Rihanna's knuckle tatt that says "THUG LIFE" and Smiley Walrus' pics drinking a HUGE alcoholic beverage & pretending to lick her boyfriend's birthday cake which was shaped like a male member. We discussed both of these things among my email crew & some people boiled it down to the children being the breadwinners & thereby having no REAL parental guidance.

While I absolutely agree with that, I also think it comes down to human contact. Why is Rihanna acting so aggressive & angry? Why is Smiley Walrus taking pics doing wild & inappropriate things? They need more hugs! Such a simple concept. When is the last time YOU hugged someone?
I don't mean that Christian side hug.

Or the awkward, not really touching, back pat.

I mean a full-on, nonsexual, heartfelt hug!

The kind of hug that fills whatever void you are feeling inside. The kind of hugs that brings tears to your eyes even when you don't know WHY you are crying. The kind of hug that you get just because!

I said yesterday that I want to get "HUG LIFE" tattooed on the insides of my arms (one word per arm) so when I spread my arms akimbo I can tell people to: "Bring it in!" Getting a hug when you sell a million records, or sign a new endorsement deal, or get a huge royalties check (is there a such thing? lol) is not the same as getting a hug when you are standing at the stove, or walking out of the living room, or watching the morning news. Sometimes when you are having what seems to be the worst day ever, a hug makes EVERYTHING alright!

Too often, these days, fame & money win out over common sense & self-respect. Like I have said before MONEY over ERRYTHANG! is the motto for too many people. One of my mottoes is: HUGS over ERRYTHANG! (Another one is: Bacon Makes Everything Better! but that's neither here nor there.) Hug more. HUG more. Hug MORE. HUG MORE. Famous people need real hugs too. Not from people they pay to tell them yes, or people that obsess over them night and day and finally get a chance to meet them, or people that they make money for but from people that TRULY have their best interest at heart. Or someone who truly knows & understands the power of human contact.

Have you hugged someone today?? No? Make sure you do!

Has anyone hugged YOU today?? No? BRING IT IN!
YES I really took the time to DRAW you a hug! Now, take dat take dat!

Friday, January 6

REAL Reality TV

As much as I would LOVE to say I don't watch reality tv, the truth is I do!

But I try to watch Reality TV with some redeeming qualities. Hoarders & Hoarding: Buried Alive help kpeople pick up the mess that has become their life & start a new. Or at least gives them a chance to do so. Intervention is the same way.

Storage Wars fascinates me! They picked such interesting people for the show. Dave Hester is the west coast version of someone I know- a lil jerk who thinks he's a BIG jerk cuz he's standing on his wallet. Darrell is just one of those people you hate to love. Barry is so eccentric & nutty you can't help but to like him. And for some Reason I feel like Brandy & Jarrod are my friends & I root for them everytime! I also find myself CONVINCED that they set some of these lockers up for filming because there is NO WAY  a locker full of college furniture (i.e.; futons & bean bags & the like) has a working antique phonograph in it. Yet I watch it faithfully. Storage Wars Texas is a cheap knockoff that I cannot bring myself to watch.

Near & dear to my heart are the competition shows that require the participants to have an actual talent. I'm not talkin American Idol or Dancing with the B-List. I mean Project Runway, The Voice, Top Chef, Face Off. THESE are the shows that really find myself emotionally invested in- yelling at the screen & talking to people about the contestants like they are indeed my best good friends. 

Project Runway All Stars came on last night and I was really excited to see what everyone was up to. THe host is lackluster & the judges are MEH! But how can you not love the southern lady AND gentleman that is Anthony. Or the damsel in distress with a mustache that is Austin Scarlett. Or the many faces of Mondo- who last night was dressed like a crazy cat lady meemaw in the work room

 & and  an organ grinder's monkey at the runway show... GOTTA LOVE IT!

The Voice comes on after the Super Bowl in February & I am holding my breath in anticipation. For once I felt like there was a singing show that was about real talent & not who would sell the most bubblegum pop records or whatever standards (or lack there of) people use to vote on those other singing shows. 

And anyone who knows me knows that I love Top Chef because I love food! nuff said!

And I absolutely cannot WAIT to see what FaceOff has in store for me this season! Last season was AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING! The fact that they can take a PERSON & turn it into anything a bird, a rock, a living room chair... ANYTHING in a matter of a day or two is real talent & creativity.

Now on the flip side... I hang my head in shame as I admit I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta AND Braxton Family Values.... for NO other reason than to feel better about myself because I'm not as crazy as ANY of these chicks. So thank you Tamar for making me feel good about me. Thank you Sheree for helping me keep my priorities in order because yours are EXTRA out of wack! I slaute thee!