Monday, September 27

Super Grover 2.0 LOVES IT!

Early this morning, I was watching Jimmy Fallon on DVR & Super Grover 2.0 was a guest.
After being scared witless by one of MY favorite childhood books: "There's a Monster at the End of this Book" and disavowing any knowledge of who Grover is, Super Grover 2.0 presented Jimmy & the Roots with their very own t-shirts with Sesame Street Chracters portraying them. My faves are Jimmy's, Tariq's & Questlove's especially. But really they were ALL great! I cued up the clip right to the t-shirt part, check it out:

Thursday, September 9

Guess Who Loves You More?

I'm not going full mush on y'all, don't worry.

But back in undergrad I had a boyfriend tell me his mother told him to find a woman that loves him more than he loves her.

For a while, I wasn't sure how that was possible. How do you know? Why would you want that?

But, its all a matter of perception, really. It is all about a feeling. When you feel the love without having to search for it or decipher it. But it gets a little deeper, sometimes its not about your love for them, but your love for self. sometimes we think we know what kind of relationship we want and deserve, but when we receive it, we second-guess it. Wondering if this person can possibly love us so much. When in reality, they can and do and we need to get on THEIR level and see what they see in ourselves.

or maybe that's just ME. lol

Tuesday, September 7

One Man's Treasure...

is another man's option...

I've recently had to go about the task of informing various males that I am indeed no longer mingling. As J would say, I'm going steady. And this information, to some has been a bit of a blow, perhaps JUST to their ego. But it has led me to see that some guys don't want you, but they don't NOT want you. Dumb, right? There have been guys that I was dealing with, talking to, etc. for a year or more that have never mentioned anything remotely serious with me. So how then can they be upset that I have moved on? Oddly enough this blog may be the way that some of them find out. But I didn't feel compelled to call them all up and have "the talk". There is really no talk to have, honestly.

If I talk to you once in a blue moon about nothing serious or in particular, should I call you up out of the blue and say: "Hey, I know you don't care enough about me to be with me, but someone does and has decided to and I have taken him up on that. I hope there are no hard feelings as you will no longer be able to call me randomly and try to flirt with me, make me feel special and keep your options open. ok?" *end call*

For some it's about having options, but never having to choose. I never pressed any of them out for status because ultimately I knew, even if I was #1, there were other numbers. So now that there are no other numbers for me, can they really try to pull rank?  Am I using too many metaphors & idioms & analogies & such? have I even used ANY?

Anyway... options aren't open-ended, eventually you will have to choose. Sometimes the choice is made for you.