Thursday, October 27

I'm Back & So is the McRib!

Ok, only ONE of those things excites me... It's NOT the McRib!

I'm back. I have been extremely disheartened by some of the things going on around me both locally & politically. The deep-rooted ignorance of some people has made me want to SCREAM! I have been fighting with discussing it here because I don't want MORE ignorant commentary & unresearched foolishness coming my way. So I finally decided NOT TO! Imma keep on keepin it light over here. Just know that ELSEWHERE I am fighting the good fight! But HERE, around these Strange Truth parts, Bri Cooley will keep it breeeeezy. I need to laugh more to keep from crying & I am sure you all do too.


SO... as if America really NEEDS it... the McRib is back. Whatever happened to truth in advertising? Because THIS is not the rib meat of a cow or pig. This thing is like Kangaroo rib or something. Have you ever seen it sauceless??

 Does this make you as sad as it makes me? I feel like I am looking at a dead baby bird on the sidewalk. PO THANG! what are the ridges about? Is that supposed to make me believe that they deboned a real piece of meat from an animal? CUZIDONT!

I remember a year or 2 ago they brought the McRib back. I thought I used to like it when I was a kid, but I also used to like Jax cheese curls (look it up) with mustard & oodles of noodles with ketchup, jelly & cheese soooooo.... yeah. Against my better judgment, I pulled up to the drive thru & ordered a McRib combo with a Sprite. I paid for it & grabbed the bag. I remember thinking: "Did it always smell like this?" So as I pulled up to the light, I took the box out of the bag. I looked down in my lap at it.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. "Did it always look like this?"
 I bit into it. "Did it always taste like this?" I took another bite.  The consistency was that of oatmeal patties. The taste.... Some of you may have justt eaten so I will spare you. I dropped the oversauced piece of McRoo back into the box & the box into the bag. I took the fries out of the bag & folded the bag over. I ate the fries on the way home. When I got to my building, I walked by my condo door & headed to the laundry room where I dumped the bag into the trash can. Just thinking about it now makes me QUEASY!

I am certain they made changes to it from when I was a kid, but SERIOUSLY! I was watching Work of Art on BRAVO last night & there was an artist named Dusty that made a fast food trash receptacle for the Pop Art challenge. I really wish that the ones in the restaurants THEN looked like this:

I am so disappointed in my younger tastebuds. They played me for a fool! But never again! Mr. McRib I beg of thee to go softly into that good night & don't ever ever ever eeever come back round here again!