Saturday, July 25


This is what I think about at 2:30 AM... I need to go to bed!


Sure, I've got options
But I don't want options
I just want you
And I want you to want me
I don't want to have to keep up
Keep track, keep trying
With the same results
Nothing much
Nothing more...
I have choices
But I don't want to choose
I want to be chosen
Because, if you're being choosy
I want to be able to say
And mean
That the things I want
and need
and deserve
are one in the same
They all have the same name

Tuesday, July 14

They Say Good Guys Finish Last...

But lately it seems good girls never even get to start!

I feel like the guy in those movies that is forever the "friend". Or the girl that New Edition was singing to in "Let's Be Friends"... 'cuz you don't want to hurt me & you don't want to let me down. ACK! I know how the movie guy feels. Hearing tales of their previous loves gone wrong & thinking to yourself: "I wouldn't do that to you..." But unlike Movie guy, I don't actually play myself & SAY it... well not EVERY time. But over the past FEW years, I have been subjected to this on more than twice. It's the freakin PITS!

In my early to mid 20s, I WAS the bad guy. BOY WAS I EVER! Is this now karma? Or is this just a classic case of... wait... a classic case of WHAT? Who KNOWS... but I am so over it... SO over it that I was considering being a bad guy again. But that was SO unfulfilling. Maybe I'll wait it out. I mean, what other option do I have? A nunnery? lol

Good always defeats evil EVENTUALLY, right?

*drums fingers on desk*