Monday, January 24

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Have I already used this title before? If so, oh well...Here we go again...

Look folks, please stop letting your memory fool you & make a fool out of you. If everything you remember has you as the victim & everyone else as the antagonist. 9 times out of  7, you're lying to yourself. And everyone knows it but you. Just like you don't pull every door you come in contact with, sometimes you gotta push. Sometimes, in life you do the pushing and if you're a little more honest with yourself, you know when that is.

Long story short, there is someone that is mad at me for something that if they are honest with themselves they can't even pinpoint. As a matter of fact, there are a few people that "don't like me" but can't tell you one VALID thing I supposedly did to them. It's not that I am perfect but it's definitely that they are off-base and out of touch with reality.

One important thing my mama taught me was whenever something goes wrong, look at YOURSELF first. Unless there is clear & present evidence that someone did something to me, I try not to go around accusing anyone of purposely doing anything to me. How conceited can you be to think that people are constantly and unsolicitedly "doing something" to you? You ain't all that. So quit holding grudges over things that really don't matter & retelling tales where you're the SUPERhero. Why does any of that matter NOW? (present company included lol)

SO to answer the aforementioned title. You are zooming yourself.

Tuesday, January 18

MLK Day Review

Yesterday was a day off from work, but I was out & about all day.

I was at the Washington Urban League at 9:30 AM to help package toiletries for the homeless. It felt good to do good on a day like that. I didn't stick around to distribute because Iwas running on very little sleep and good vibes! So I went home to take a nap or something.
I got dressed for my evening of supper & music & headed for the Georgetown Waterfront. The route I chose to take via GPS was closed... Good ole Rock Creek Park. I had to take a scenic route down to Farmers & Fishers.
After finding a parking spot, I arrived a little later & with less people than origianlly planned. Several of my friends had fallen ill & a few others had to work. But that just meant MORE FOOD FOR US!
The waiter explained the the restaurant was owned by farmers & everything was hormone free & sustainable.
2. Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment.
Not to be confused with organic.
Of, marked by, or involving the use of fertilizers or pesticides that are strictly of animal or vegetable origin.
We were overwhelmed by the menu because everything looked so GOOOOOD!  Robin was going to order from the restaurant week menu so they brought a 3 cheese pizza to the table. When he mentioned the guac made fresh @ the table, Mimi was ON IT!

So that was how it started:

 This pizza looks good even in the pics!

Mimi's crabcake sandwich!

Pan fried chicken!

DEFINITELY want to go back & try the house-made sodas! Even the WATER was good. Served in THICK glass tumblers!

I thought we were going to get the lunch price for restaurant week, but when the bill came, it was different. I was polite & explained the situation to the waiter. He said he would get the manager. But when he came back tot he table, he told me the manager was going to take care of it no questions asked. I love that because so often when my friends & I go out we get treated as if we are trying to get over or being argumentative or combative, etc. Which makes us upset because we are GREAT customers & EXCELLENT tippers! But anyway, the bill was taken care of and the waiter was sooo nice about us hanging around and chatting.

Mimi & I headed to U Street to hang out before the show. We sat at the bar at Next Door & talked to some old man that was a line-stepper. He was rude and aggressive. He told Mimi that hse had no life because she was excited about the Xfinity app for Android & said she liked to watch tv. He said tv was boring & stupid. Clearly this was a convo that could have been taking place between a young guy using the insult as a compliment technique to holla at an older woman. He also informed her that he has 3 phones: 1- a Boost mobile phone he was fiddling with at the bar, 2- a BB for work, & 3- a cell phone that his wife can check.  

I was trying to figure out what part of the game this was. Like "hey look girl, I cheats on my wife! Gitwitmay!" does that really work?? At first I was like I feel sorry for his wife. But then I realized she KNOWS who she married why else would she check his cell phone.

We moved on down the street and stood in line outside of U Street Music Hall PRAYING we would be able to snag what we knew to be LIMITED seats. When we made it in we found the last 2 barstools in the place & though they were on the side of the stage, we were determined not to budge!

The crowd was interesting, a strange mix of people that, much to my surprise were there to see Eric Roberson & not the people that opened for him. Levi Stephens was EXCELLENT and from the side he looks like a taller Kevin Hart. Great talent! Black Alley came on & I was expecting something different from them. But they are actually very talented musicians & not a group people that know how to play an instrument & formed a band. There set however was looooong & random! I told my boy C that they belong in a new genre of music I like to call "Obscure & B"©. Anyway, they were up there too long & I was tired.

Erro hit the stage & did his thing. His drummer "Rain Man" & keyboardist Aaron did their thing in a way I have never seen them go in before. We stayed until the end. Despite getting texts that the weather outside was FRIGHTFUL! I loves me some Erro & I love his vibe! I wasn't ready to love his warmth!

We stepped out on the street & discovered that HEELS are ideal for the ICE be cause it prevents you from slipping as you heel pierces the ice. I had to let mimi borrow the scraper from my car because she doesn't own one of her own. *tsk tsk tsk* I drove home at 23 MPH still warm from the vibes of such a GREAT DAY! WOOP WOOP! Can't wait to see Erro again!

Thursday, January 13

What's That Number One Zodiac SIIIIIGN?

I'm not diggin it.... and now I'm supposed to be a SAG? ummmm... NO!

Here's the article:

and here's the symbol:

ummm a creepy dude wrestling with his snake??? NO THANKS!

Psychiatrist FAIL!

He was ordered to take a trip to a Psychiatric facility after his most recent run-in with the law & now that he's out... he does THIS!

What on God's blue earth does this even MEAN! You're an adult man with an ICE CREAM CONE on your face. Lightning bolts???? coming OUT of the ice cream. I.... I have no words.... NONE!

He needs to run all of his decisions, no matter how small by a licensed mental health specialist. Should I buy Angel Soft or Charmin? Fried or grilled? EVERYTHING... face tatt or  fish sandwich?

After having 5 brushes with the law in Fulton County, GA alone, he needs SOMEONE to help him make BETTER life decisions!

Friday, January 7

That's So NOT Raven!

Raven-Symone, known to the oldheads as "Little Olivia from The Cosby Show" (you GOTTA say the whole thing) is a gazillionaire now & for a while, she was a lil on the heavy side. But look at her now, the weightloss has taken years off her face & she looks great. Before the weightloss she always looked a little uncomfortable to me, like her Spanx were TOO tight. Good for her!

pics from

Wednesday, January 5

New Year, Same Me, New Outlook

I know I have submitted several entries in the new year already & not one of them has been about the actual NEW YEAR. So allow me to correctify that now.

I had one of the best holiday seasons on record. Lots of food, fellowship & fun. I got AMAZING gifts from the beau, proof that he understands my wants, my needs & my style! I told him about my DISASTROUS last Christmas with a boyfriend & told him I PRAYED that never happened again. It didn't! HALLELUJAH!

I went into the new year in church! And spent the first day of the new year RELAXING! Cooked some GREAT food and chilled out all day!

So many people are focusing on a "NEW YOU". I like me... no I LOVE ME! and while I could always IMPROVE, a new me is SO not necessary. I have a new outlook on life. No more escape hatches in my plans. As my pastor said Sunday, it's not that we fail to plan, but that we plan to fail.

Now if I could just figure out WHAT my plans are... *sigh* It doesn't matter because I know they will succeed! Ever forward, never backward! LET'S GO!

Guilty Pleasure Song- Major Lazer - Pon De Floor

There IS an actual video for this song, but it may be the most gawdawful, seizure inducing collection of unattractive people simulating sex under the guise of dancing that the world has EVER known. You can click the lil pop-up in the video & watch it yourself, but it is ill-advised.

It appears i am a year late, but I JUST heard it on DJ Hero 2 so don't judge me. If you like reggae & songs that make you want to lose your mind dancing, this is that! ENJOY!

Tuesday, January 4

Mind Ya Business- Poor Princess Boy

This little boy was on tv yesterday wearing a tutu. Why is this news? Why did they keep making him twirl? He's a boy in a dress. Strange? Yes. Newsworthy? Uuuh, no! In this day & age, acceptance is the buzzword. And personally I think it needs to be "mind ya business".

Seriously, I had a male cousin that liked to take care of a doll. His mom didn't like it, but my grandmother didn't see the harm. Guess what, eventually he grew out of it & we moved on. He is now in HS & is moving into manhood with a plan & no thoughts of that baby doll. Can you imagine what his life would be like now if his mother had decided to write a book about him playing with dolls and then he ended up all over national tv with his doll baby?? What would that mean for him in high school once his phase was done?

I had a thing for Hot Wheels when I was younger. I asked for the Hot Wheels Gas Station Garage one Christmas. You know the one with the ramp & the lil Amaco sign. But anyway, I got the toy and a Barbie toiletries set. And i played with both. I also preferred pants to dresses and playing with the boys over playing with the girls. Eventually I realized I liked dresses too & like my Cabbage Patch & Barbie dolls way more than some Hot Wheels. But what would happen to me now if my mother had my first & last name all over the news because I liked to dress different?

When I saw the clip of the poor little Princess Boy I was immediately saddened & appalled. How will all of this publicity affects him later if & when he decides he's way over tutus? His first & last name are now permanently linked to what may turn out to be a PHASE in his young life. And not only that, it seemed that they were nudging him into femininity. When I saw him, he was sitting like a boy, talking like a boy, being a boy. But the host kept making him "twirl". I wasn't under the impression he liked to twirl.... he seemed to like to run & climb trees & oh yeah, wear a tutu. He's barely FIVE YEARS OLD. Most little kids are odd.

When I was maybe 3 or 4, I told my grandmother I used to be her father. And I told my mother that I used to be a man & I killed my wife in the kitchen. Did my mother write a book? Did she put me on tv? No. She asked me a few questions about it, made a note of it & kept an eye on me. Eventually, I forgot I even said it & we moved on. I had enough growing pains to deal with: a big gap toothed smile, a huge forehead, glasses, a short stint with a  jehri curl. I can't imagine how much more complicated life would have been if I was also the Creepy Past Life Girl! Would I have felt the need to expound upon my tales?

In this age of Instant Celebrity, I can't help but to wonder what all this attention to people minding their own business is doing to them down the line. The obsession with peoples' strange realities has prompted many people to come forward with things that used to be private. Not necessarily a secret, but definitely your own business. Coupling that with the fickleness of childhood I went thru stages where I obsessively loved & then irrationally hated or vice versa the following: cheese curls, my mother, Michael Jackson, school, dresses, boys. Just to name a few...

Don't get me wrong, I am curious about the lives of people with strange habits, tendencies, etc. But, when it is a child being exposed & ultimately exploited, made to twirl in a tutu on daytime news, something in me just cannot get behind that! My friend Les said: "Don't tell him he's gay, let HIM tell us!" And I couldn't agree more. There was nothing effeminate about the little boy other than his attire so why make him "twirl"? Mind ya business.