Tuesday, December 27


So here it comes. The new year! People are making lists & promising themselves all kinds of things. New friends, new body, new habits, new attitude. But I have noticed a new trend & I'm wit it!


I'm down like 4 flats! I will continue my onward & upward movement. Doing what I do & being who I am only better. I'm not cutting people off January 1. Or hitting the gym January 3rd. Or going to read the bible in its entirety by December 31st (or 20 something if the Mayans were right). I decided long ago to improve myself over time & set the bar higher & higher. I know that things get derailed, plans & priorities change & circumstances evolve beyond your control. SHRUG LIFE!

Upward & onward is my motto so resolutions aren't needed. I'm not going to wake up on 1/1/12 and just be a whole other person, that's not even possible. But what I will continue to do is as follows:

  • Calls it like a sees it.
  • Like what & who I like and comment on what & who I don't.
  • Help those in need & not wave a flag, toot my own horn or throw myself a parade every time.
  • Add healthier foods & habits into my lifestyle.
  • Give as much love as I can without expecting anything out of it.
  • Get my culture up.
  • Be awesome...
I'm not saying YOU shouldn't have resolutions... Do what works for you, but just know that lofty goals  often go unmet  & no one really believes you anyway... not even you!

Thursday, December 8

This Christmas Will Be...

So this will be my second Christmas with the beau.

No big deal, right? WRONG! For me this means I'm growing alllll the way up!

A lot of things are different this Christmas & I love it! For one, I don't want anything for Christmas. I mean I do, but not really... a Kindle Fire would be nice but I'm not asking anyone for it. *shrug* And a new camera. But I don't REALLY want it... For two, I found a bank deposit slip from about this time last year & let's just say... God has made a way in just a year!! lol For three, I'm almost done shopping & super excited about seeing people's faces when they open their gifts. I can't wait for the holiday & it seems like as fast as this year went by, December is draaaaagging... I don't want to rush it but I'm ready for it to be here!

I leave you with one of my FAVE Christmas Songs....


Friday, December 2

Grand Opening, Grand Closing...

This morning poor, long-suffering Vanessa Long wife of  THIS guy:
filed for divorce (and not because of this picture either). This afternoon that same woman withdrew her petition of divorce from THIS guy:

Ummmmmmmmmmmm... M'am... WHAT are you doing?
For those that don't  know (or care) BISHOP Eddie Long was accused of same sex foolishness with some tenders in exchange for him getting them money,  power & respeck. The lawsuits were settled for stacks on stacks on stacks & then dismissed. That was 12 months ago, Nessa... WHAT has been going on SINCE then?

She released TWO statements & in BOTH statements she said she prayed over it & decided to do what she did. My question is... Who was she praying to & who was answering those prayers becauserrrraaaah 1 Corinthians says: For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

And if this ain't confusion, I don't know WHAT is....

I have some theories why the change of "heart" so quickly. But I really really wish I was a fly on the wall between this morning & this afternoon. In the second statement she says:  "I love my husband. I believe in him and admire his strength and courage." Wait, WHAT??? Nessa, I HOPE this isn't about MUHNNY, girl... But somehow, I'm sure it is because this right here is a messssssssssssssssss.

y'all know that's a wig HE has on, right? >_>

Thursday, November 17

Money. Over. Ev'rything.

I swear I try not to be too political or just yammer on without doing any research. But sometimes you SEE things & you have to SAY things. Well,  maybe not when you see an old man fondling a 10 year old in the shower.... *SIDE EYE* But maybe when your elected officials cannot pass anything that helps the economy, but CAN pass legislation declaring pizza sauce as a vegetable & allowed unhealthy school lunches to continue to make our children enormous, stupid & slow. Score one for the frozen pizza manufacturers and the potato processors! yay.

So what do school lunch legislation & Penn State have to do with one another? Simple, the children weren't as important as that MUHNNY! This is what has become of our society... or should I say what our society is becoming. I am praying that our children are protected from this foolishness & also working toward it. But as long as "corporations are people" and those "people" are more important than our children, we will continue to raise (or not raise) a society full of fatter, dumber children that continue to buy into whatever the corporations are forcing down their throats.

Everyday we get closer & closer to becoming an Idiocracy... If you have't seen the movie, the first few minutes should give you a pretty good idea: (STRONG language)


Until future generations become a priority instead of money & our own selfish desires, we're doomed. They can't take it with them, so what's the point? It's a really good thing they can't take it with them because it would probably make life in hell a little easier. *spit*

Wednesday, November 9

Have You Seen My Childhood?

I wanted to find a UNIQUE title for my blog about Heavy D's passing. I am sure plenty of people wished him a Peaceful Journey & said they had Nothin But Love for him. I wanted something that said a lot more. As soon as I found out he passed I called J. As I was waiting for her to answer, my mouth was hanging open in complete & utter disbelief. I couldn't understand WHY I was taking it SO HARD. Once J & I started talking, she pinpointed it. Our childhood was dying or being killed off. Dying in the literal sense that people that we adored  as children have died, but being killed off in a more figurative sense with all these remakes of things that were classics from my childhood.

The DJ on the "oldies" station that now plays music from MY era played a mix of Heavy D's music & it was all SIGNIFICANT in my childhood memories. Suddenly I started to feel  like a childhood friend died!

I thought about Peaceful Journey, which I couldn't even listen to yesterday. But I remember how I was so sad when I found out his dancer Trouble T-roy died. I recorded They Reminisce Over You from the radio & sat down at my desk to transcribe the words which I posted on my wall next to the Heavy D & The Boyz picture I tore out of Right On or Word Up Magazine I refused to take down for 2 years. Peaceful Journey didn't get as much spin on the radio that I can remember, but I remember hearing it a few times though I never caught  it on tape. It did not escape me yesterday that Peaceful Journey was dedicated to the memory of Troy and used an MJ sample (The Jacksons more accurately) & performed by Heavy D. All of these people are now gone.

I thought about how deeply entrenched Heavy D was in so much of what I enjoyed. From A Different World, to In Living Color, to Living Single, to Boston Public he was on my tv for YEARS. From The Cider House Rules, to Life, to this month's Tower Heist he was in my movies. And I am just beginning to realize how much of the artists I enjoyed over the years he produced- Summer Rain by Carl Thomas, the Candy Rain album by Soul For Real still gets played in its entirety on road trips just to name a FEW.

Over the years, he managed to remain relevant and positive. I don't recall hearing any scandals involving him. And everyone I know who has met him said he was a good guy. He seemed to have avoided the pitfalls of hip-hop stardom and lived a life worth celebrating. Even though he was an artist from my generation,  people's MOTHERS were upset about the news. I know my mom LOVED him, especially on Boston Public one of the few shows she and i watched together.  While I am no longer tearing up as I was for most of the night last night, I am still saddened and deeply affected by this death.  RIP Mr. Myers!

Tuesday, November 8


Conrad Murray (no longer a doctor) was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Many people thought the verdict was correct & many others thought it was unfair.

Here is my opinion:

One of the first things learned in med school is the code of ethics. It seems that Murray misinterpreted the concept of  nonmaleficence and the phrase "First, do no harm."  He took the idea that sometimes it's best to NOT do something or to do nothing and ran with it; somehow forgetting that that is the case only if it will cause MORE harm. IF MJ was an addict... IF MJ was insisting on these inappropriate drugs... then, whose responsibility is it to take care of him? And in taking care of him, does that include monitoring his intake of inappropriate drugs. OR does that include not allowing him to use them?

So many people were talking about money playing into it. WHY!?!?? Becuase if he wasn't paying Murray to supply the drugs he would pay someone else? Face it, that's just dumb & what's wrong with the world. I just cannot wrap my mind around a doctor SITTING there WITH MJ and allowing this to go on. A doctor writing a celeb a prescription for a drug they claim they need & sending them on their way is NOT the same thing as a concierge doctor sititng there with the celeb and permitting them to essentially kill themselves. Not to mention, this is MICHAEL JACKSON!

I didn't follow the case AT ALL! So I don't know very many details, but I DO know that part of his defense was MJ delivered the deadly dose himself. Which may or may not have been the case, but who provided him with it? It ALL comes back to the doctor as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know what he's going to do now that he is no longer a doctor and regardless of being found guilty, I really hope he has just a little bit of guilt; a sense of culpability, if you will. You helped the beloved King of Pop end it all & you KNEW that you knew better! *Aunt Esther eyes*

Wednesday, November 2

McFib, McRoo, McGross!



So last week I was talking about my McRib experience & how there was NOTHING nice about it. Well yesterday I find out that there are gym mat chemicals in that joker! This chemical, azodicarbonamide, is BANNED in Europe & Australia as a food additive. UMMMMM, FDA, WHAT are you fools DOING!!??! THis crap is going into our CHILDREN. and you wonder why America is getting fatter, dumber, slower...

There are 70 ingredients in that crap... I'd hate to think what else is in it. BTW... rib meat isn't likely one of the ingredients. In fact McDonald's simply refers to it as "pork". Pork is defined as the fresh or salted flesh of swine when dressed for food & flesh is defined as edible parts of an animal. I am fairly certain THIS is not rib meat:

I know this isn't going to deter many McFib eaters from ingesting this foolishness. But I just want y'all to know that THIS is what McDonald's is selling you to put in your body.


Badop bop bop baaaaaah.... I'm vomitting!

Thursday, October 27

I'm Back & So is the McRib!

Ok, only ONE of those things excites me... It's NOT the McRib!

I'm back. I have been extremely disheartened by some of the things going on around me both locally & politically. The deep-rooted ignorance of some people has made me want to SCREAM! I have been fighting with discussing it here because I don't want MORE ignorant commentary & unresearched foolishness coming my way. So I finally decided NOT TO! Imma keep on keepin it light over here. Just know that ELSEWHERE I am fighting the good fight! But HERE, around these Strange Truth parts, Bri Cooley will keep it breeeeezy. I need to laugh more to keep from crying & I am sure you all do too.


SO... as if America really NEEDS it... the McRib is back. Whatever happened to truth in advertising? Because THIS is not the rib meat of a cow or pig. This thing is like Kangaroo rib or something. Have you ever seen it sauceless??

 Does this make you as sad as it makes me? I feel like I am looking at a dead baby bird on the sidewalk. PO THANG! what are the ridges about? Is that supposed to make me believe that they deboned a real piece of meat from an animal? CUZIDONT!

I remember a year or 2 ago they brought the McRib back. I thought I used to like it when I was a kid, but I also used to like Jax cheese curls (look it up) with mustard & oodles of noodles with ketchup, jelly & cheese soooooo.... yeah. Against my better judgment, I pulled up to the drive thru & ordered a McRib combo with a Sprite. I paid for it & grabbed the bag. I remember thinking: "Did it always smell like this?" So as I pulled up to the light, I took the box out of the bag. I looked down in my lap at it.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. "Did it always look like this?"
 I bit into it. "Did it always taste like this?" I took another bite.  The consistency was that of oatmeal patties. The taste.... Some of you may have justt eaten so I will spare you. I dropped the oversauced piece of McRoo back into the box & the box into the bag. I took the fries out of the bag & folded the bag over. I ate the fries on the way home. When I got to my building, I walked by my condo door & headed to the laundry room where I dumped the bag into the trash can. Just thinking about it now makes me QUEASY!

I am certain they made changes to it from when I was a kid, but SERIOUSLY! I was watching Work of Art on BRAVO last night & there was an artist named Dusty that made a fast food trash receptacle for the Pop Art challenge. I really wish that the ones in the restaurants THEN looked like this:

I am so disappointed in my younger tastebuds. They played me for a fool! But never again! Mr. McRib I beg of thee to go softly into that good night & don't ever ever ever eeever come back round here again!

Friday, September 16

LATE Breaking News: Eddie Hosting the Oscars

Look man, I know I'm late on this & ain't been NOWHERE to be found for a while. Call it my summer break. Then, this week, I officially became Auntie TwoTimes. Sprinkle in my health issue that has had me feeling less than motivated to do ANYTHING, an anniversary & a girls' trip to NYC and you pretty much have my absence in a nutshell.

So with that said...

Eddie is hosting the Oscars. Eddie "I'm Not that Baby's Pappy" Murphy is hosting the Oscars. Now back in the day, Eddie was IT! He had classics like Beverly Hills Cop, Harlem Nights & Coming to America. After that his career was sprinkled with kinda funny movies, sorta family movies, and downright funky movies. He morphed into a "cleaned up" version of himself including cutting off his mustache OFTEN. In case you don't know... The only black man I trust without a mustache is Denzel Washington. Barack Obama  USED to be one, but he's in the questionable category now. I feel like black men cut off their 'staches for one of two reasons: 1. they messed up while shaving (either sneezed or forgot the guard on the clippers) or 2. they are hiding something. How can you hide something with a bald face, you wonder? You can't! It's OBVIOUS that something is amiss & men that DO shave their facial hair off completely do it when they "need a change". *suspicious itty bitty eye slit side eye* "I just wanted to do something different." This usually happens around the same time that they either divorce their wives, buy a sports car, change careers, or start wearing tight, sheer shirts or in SOME cases all of the above. But, I digress... as always... You love it!

The Oscars have been a notorious disaster in the hosting department lately. Anne Hathaway & James Franco almost ruined their careers with that debacle last year, po thangs. It seems comedians fair far better than actors except  when you combine actors AND comedians (Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin). Jon Stewart was good & Whoopi was good, but Eddie? Jon Stewart seems to think he is going to "kill it". Iowno about all that! Does anyone know if Eddie Murphy is still funny? I don't think the Oscars will be a great way to gauge.
You have top-rate comedians reading lines written by a mishmash of comedy greats and has-beens & professional talk & variety show writers. They are reading to an audience full of people who either are sitting with their butts CLENCHED in anticipation of winning (or losing), take themselves WAY too seriously, or just don't speak English. It's tough to make the people that only watch documentaries & foreign films that end with a crying clown popping a balloon laugh at the same things as people who list Talladega Nights in their top 10 greatest movies of all time.

It's a GREAT gig, very prestigious, but it's also a TOUGH one. I just hope he doesn't make a fool of himself or *whispering* US. Because you know ONE misstep & everyone goes in the discard pile!

So Eddie, make sure that 'stache is nice & THICK, keep it on the up & up and do NOT make any references to sexual orientation!
What's it gonna be? Dessert or disaster?

Thursday, July 28

Tale of an Accidental Hoodrat

This week circumstances & fate in cahoots with the some abnormally aligned stars led to an outcome of hoodrat proportions. For a approximately 4.5 hours, I, Bri Cooley had reached full blown hoodrat status. Well as close to it as I ever care to come. And for that, I 'pologize!

It all started quite innocently 2 months ago when I got my microbraids. I just wanted to go to Zumba without feeling like I couldn't brang it like it needed to be broughten to the various Pitbull & assorted salsa tunes without worrying about my hair lookin a mess the next day. See? Innocent, right?
So fast forward to TUESDAY night, I realized I could no longer ignore my newfound cosmedical issue of my toenails randomly cleaving LOW on my toe! My poor big toes looked like NUBS because the nails were literally peeeeled down... I had to do something. Someone with a similar cosmedical issue suggested getting tips on my toes. So... I did... When she first put them on, they were EXTRA long, I asked her to cut them down. But now that I really look at them *peers under desk at feet* They are still kinda long. So I walk out of the salon with kinda long tips on my purple-painted toes.
Now it's Tuesday evening and as I struggled to get those demon braids out of my head, I looked in the mirror and realized that my hair was lookin a lot more like Freddy D. meets Yahoo Serious than I thought it would.
+ = ME!
So the idea of wearing my hair out and wild the next day was going to make me look more like I was wildin out!  I had plans to go out with my mom & nephew during the day Wednesday & get my mane tamed Wednesday afternoon. What was a girl to do. I had no headwrap & no scarf sufficient to wear out in public. I get to my mom's house & she suggests I try on some of her "hats". By hats she means wigs... I shrug & decide it had to be better than the current JJ Fad style bush I was currently rocking. I go into her closet & pull out... *drum roll & dramatic pause*
Those who know me know that I HATE lacefronts. Not for BEING lacefronts, but because every hoodbooger from here to Richmond has one & they are NOT of good quality. They are often made of goat fur & indecision. Or matted squirrel tails & disappointment. They are cheap & poorly made. And they wear them so that the lace IN the front grazes their eyebrows. In other words, hoodrats have given lacefronts a bad rep.

 I try on a few & settle on one that is similar to the style my own hair is cut in.  with a bang to take away from the prefectly straight across babydoll hairline lacefronts tend to have. I didn't really care because we were going to the mall WAY out & it was a Wednesday... I seriously doubted I would see anyone I knew.
So there I am... at the mall in the middle of the day in classic hoodrat fashion:
1. my mom's not working but we were in Nordstrom trying on hundreds of dollars worth of shoes (she's retired & has the money to do that)
2. we have my sister's son who is extra hype in the Nordstrom (he actually was playing creatively & entertaining the people that worked there, but to outside observers & for the purposes of my hoodrat certification, I have taken some license)
3. I am rocking tips on my toenails
4. and wearing a lacefront.
I took off the lacefront as SOON as I got to the salon & I went to the salon RIGHT after I left the mall. I plan to get these stupid tips cut down at my next polish change. My nephew's birthday is over so he should be chilled out now. And yeah my mom has been working since she was 19 so she doesn't have to work anymore. But for all intents & purposes, I was indeed a hoodrat for a couple of hours. I still don't know how I feel about that. But I know as much as I despise all hoodrattedness, I needed to come clean to y'all...
SO, there you have it!

Wednesday, July 13

Keep That Baby QUIET!

It has been almost a month since my last post. I know... I am terrible, but Summertime is so BUSY for me!


I just read an article here about banning children under the age of 6 from restaurants. I say good for them! To me it is similar to requiring jackets be worn in some dining establishments. Or saying no children on a wedding invitation. There is a certain atmosphere and air that people want to set.

People have become increasingly more selfish. They act as though THEIR rights are the only rights that matter instead of using common sense & common courtesy. How many times have you been somewhere & thought to yourself: WHY is that BABY here? Several times I'm sure. It seems rules like this, set by the establishments themselves have to be put in place to FORCE people to practice better decision making, plain & simple.

Then there is a difference between ambient noise & children screeching. Someone in the article mentioned the noisy people at the bar. That is not the same thing as a screaming baby.

Too often people think they are the exception to the rule when in actuality they are the reason the rule was created in the first place. You want to teach your kid restaurant manners, do it when he's 7! You want to eat at this SPECIFIC restaurant, do it without the kid or wait til the kid is 7. Common courtesy & common sense just aren't that common.

And don't get me started on the whole violation of rights for certain special needs kids. I don't even KNOW what that's about!

Tuesday, June 21

Some People Play Too Much: I'm Suin'!!

I know it's been a while since I had anything to say here... I have been tweeting here: @Bri_Cooley and I have been trying my hand at Tumblr. But I have been drawn back in because of this craze of "sexual discrimination" lawsuits being brought to court by men.

HISTORICALLY, discrimination and all the "-ism"s  associated with it were primarily based in INSTITUTIONS of rules and laws and ideals that have existed for decades, if not centuries. But now, that we live in a litigious society of people that need the law to protect them from getting hurt playing little league, the idea of discrimination has come to mean little more than "you hurt my feelings".

Last week this guy was on the news suing the nail salon for charging a dollar more for his manicure than a woman would have to pay. He stated he was humiliated by the experience. The salon had the prices posted, they weren't trying to be sneaky about it. But that one dollar & subsequent "humilitaion" was worth a $200,000 lawsuit? I don't get it. I didn't address it last week because I know the guy so I just let it slide, but not really. I spoke about it amongst some friends. Then his lawyer began evoking the name of Rosa Parks & I was just too through. This is NOT that... not even close. It's not simply about him being a man... it's about the idea that on average mens' nails are tougher, hands are rougher & cuticles are out of control and they don't go to the nail salon as often as women. You don't see skinny people suing the buffet because they don't eat as much as larger people? Some businesses have to base their prices on averages & generalities. This is not the same as sitting on the back of the bus because of the color of your skin. THIS is about business!

Now this week there is a 52 year old man suing a local Sheriff's Department because he was denied access to a WOMEN'S Self-Defense Class... TWICE. The first time he tried to go in place of his wife. The second time, he was just trying to prove a point or something. And while some may take offense to me implying that he is "less than a man" by using the term "man up" when I referenced it earlier... Well they need to man up too! Women didn't make this a male-centric society. But we have learned to live in it & become accustomed to some things like men being able to defend themselves. All the sherrif's department has to do is start a class for men or a non-gender specific class and he will drop the suit. But all this dude has to do is sit down somewhere. If at 52 you can't defend yourself or you are worried about being attacked: get a gun, buy some mace, or stay in the house. Why are you suing because women that have been victims of abuse & rape wouldn't feel comfortable with you in the class? He even said he understood that but is suing anyway to get a class for men or access to the materials. Dude, your WIFE isn't even concerned enough to take the class... You are doing too much.

Overall, I think that people have been taking this lawsuit business too far... There are people dying in hospitals & nursing homes due to neglect and improper care. Poverty & crime are growing rapidly & you are suing because of your nails & a self-defense class. Pick your battles, people.

Gender inequality has long since been an issue that has worked in men's favor, but now they want what women have too? Really, for a man to want to be "equal" to a woman seems like hustling backwards because women STILL aren't equal to men... you don't believe me, check our paystubs! Do you really want gender equality? or do  you just want to know what goes on in our self-defense classes? Do you really want gender equality? or do you just want your dollar back? What is your REAL motivation behind this? Do you want to be equal? or do you want to be on tv? Do you want to be equal? or do you want something to do now that you're retired?

Wednesday, June 1

Summa Summa Summa-TIME!- 3 cookouts in 2 days!

 Listen to this as you read....

Summer got STARTED for me this weekend. All last week I kept wondering who was having a cookout. And it appeared no one was. *sad sad sad* But lo & behold by Saturday tunes had changed! Saturday I did some running around & planning for summer meals (meaning things that don't require me standing over the stove for longer than 15-20 minutes).

So Sunday it was extra hot at church, but I was amped because I had a cookout to attend!

Cookout #1 had:
easy breezy people, great music via Pandora & a well stocked iPod, plenty of yard area & a nice porch, tons of beverages, fresh squeezed lemonade, plenty of seats, BURNT HOT DOGS, steak, oxtails, mac & cheese with spinach (took some of the guilt out of it), fried chicken, spanish rice, yellow rice, and a generous hostess that encouraged us to take a plate home!

Monday morning I slept until about 9 which is LATE for me! J called me & asked if I wanted to hit up a cookout at her peoples' house before we went to a cookout uptown. I knew the cookout uptown was going to last & last & last... so whenever we got there it would still be poppin! I met her at her friends' house. They had grilled the food in advance & were eating INSIDE because by 2 PM it was 92 degrees!

Cookout #2 had:
great conversation, talk of Amsterdam, a Mob & Basketball Wives viewing with hilarious commentary throughout (a lot of which was provided by me because I was unfamiliar with the characters on the show & they ARE some CHARACTERS), high school reminiscence, great barbecue chicken, ribs, baked beans with ground turkey, WEGMAN'S STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE (manufactured in heaven & delivered to the store by angels), and several brands of Reisling!

J and I left there around 6 to head over to hang with some of Uptown's FINEST! I had been telling J about the last cookout that I passed through that they had & I was only there 5 minutes. She wanted to witness it herself. When we arrived, they were still grilling but the music was pumping & the boys were ready to entertain. From the moment we arrived it was nothing but a good time! THIS cookout hit the trifecta: food, folks & FOOLISHNESS! There were hoodrats & bougie chicks doing what hoodrats & bougie chicks do & J & I were doing what WE do... LAUGHING AT THEM!

Cookout #3 had:
comedy, music, comedy, men that loved to dance, somebody's mama showing everyone how it's done, comedy, a GIANT cooler full of beer & water, red punch that tasted like Kool-Aid but warmed like fire, ribs on ribs on ribs, fried chicken, macaroni tuna salad, beans & rice, curry chicken, creole shrimp, green beans & potatoes, baked beans, Waldorf salad & WATERMELON!

SO it's official the summer is officially on & popping. More cookouts! More laughter! More more more! I'm ready!!

Thursday, May 19

Miami Just Keeps Getting Better!! (A PICTURE BLOG)

So the ladies hit South Beach once again this year... and it was even better than last year...
We stayed at the LOVELY Congress Hotel which was actually 4 different buildings.

If you look there at the little middle building you can see the windows of our room! We had the greatest view of the Ocean & the Lummus Park sign!

I knew I was in paradise & it wasn't just my breakfast that made me feel that way:

When we touched down we ate & slinked around Ocean Drive checking out our proximity to all things awesome! They allowed us to check in early & our digs were SO SWEET!

Doesn't it look loverly! That kitchen was all kinds of dopeness! That shower was all kinds of sessy! That bed was all kinds of comfy! WOOP!

We sat in the window at least 2 hours a day when we needed a reprieve from the Flawduh sun. And with floor to ceiling windows & a view like this can you blame us?

There were the typical Miami experiences made better by the company & sunshine:
Giant drinks!

HUGE $6 breakfasts.

Random celeb sightings. (This is RL from Next, but we also saw Ciara & Amare, Floyd Mayweather, Sommore & Raheem Devaughn)

2 for 1 mimosas at BREAKFAST!

Crystal clear water

SUPER fresh sushi

and of course weirdos on the beach!

The view was so awesome...

We had company...
(There's a birdie on the ledge.)

This is the view of the ocean from the rooftop pool. Can you say AMAZING!?!?

We even got up early in the morning to watch the sunrise there 2 days in a row.

We spent alllllll day Saturday at the beach... here are all the pics fit to show:
This lil guy had his own private beach that his dad built for him & later his brother (left top corner) made a run for the waves.

NO ONE needs to see me in a two piece on the interwebs!

Meanwhile, THIS guy was doing his auditing homework on the beach! Ummm, no sir!

It was a great trip with great food & sights & I look forward to putting my feet to the sweet Miami streets again SOON!

Special Thanks to the super cool Congress staff that smoothed out all the rough spots & made it easy for us to relax. Especially Jeffrey, Adrian & Daniel!