Thursday, November 17

Money. Over. Ev'rything.

I swear I try not to be too political or just yammer on without doing any research. But sometimes you SEE things & you have to SAY things. Well,  maybe not when you see an old man fondling a 10 year old in the shower.... *SIDE EYE* But maybe when your elected officials cannot pass anything that helps the economy, but CAN pass legislation declaring pizza sauce as a vegetable & allowed unhealthy school lunches to continue to make our children enormous, stupid & slow. Score one for the frozen pizza manufacturers and the potato processors! yay.

So what do school lunch legislation & Penn State have to do with one another? Simple, the children weren't as important as that MUHNNY! This is what has become of our society... or should I say what our society is becoming. I am praying that our children are protected from this foolishness & also working toward it. But as long as "corporations are people" and those "people" are more important than our children, we will continue to raise (or not raise) a society full of fatter, dumber children that continue to buy into whatever the corporations are forcing down their throats.

Everyday we get closer & closer to becoming an Idiocracy... If you have't seen the movie, the first few minutes should give you a pretty good idea: (STRONG language)


Until future generations become a priority instead of money & our own selfish desires, we're doomed. They can't take it with them, so what's the point? It's a really good thing they can't take it with them because it would probably make life in hell a little easier. *spit*

Wednesday, November 9

Have You Seen My Childhood?

I wanted to find a UNIQUE title for my blog about Heavy D's passing. I am sure plenty of people wished him a Peaceful Journey & said they had Nothin But Love for him. I wanted something that said a lot more. As soon as I found out he passed I called J. As I was waiting for her to answer, my mouth was hanging open in complete & utter disbelief. I couldn't understand WHY I was taking it SO HARD. Once J & I started talking, she pinpointed it. Our childhood was dying or being killed off. Dying in the literal sense that people that we adored  as children have died, but being killed off in a more figurative sense with all these remakes of things that were classics from my childhood.

The DJ on the "oldies" station that now plays music from MY era played a mix of Heavy D's music & it was all SIGNIFICANT in my childhood memories. Suddenly I started to feel  like a childhood friend died!

I thought about Peaceful Journey, which I couldn't even listen to yesterday. But I remember how I was so sad when I found out his dancer Trouble T-roy died. I recorded They Reminisce Over You from the radio & sat down at my desk to transcribe the words which I posted on my wall next to the Heavy D & The Boyz picture I tore out of Right On or Word Up Magazine I refused to take down for 2 years. Peaceful Journey didn't get as much spin on the radio that I can remember, but I remember hearing it a few times though I never caught  it on tape. It did not escape me yesterday that Peaceful Journey was dedicated to the memory of Troy and used an MJ sample (The Jacksons more accurately) & performed by Heavy D. All of these people are now gone.

I thought about how deeply entrenched Heavy D was in so much of what I enjoyed. From A Different World, to In Living Color, to Living Single, to Boston Public he was on my tv for YEARS. From The Cider House Rules, to Life, to this month's Tower Heist he was in my movies. And I am just beginning to realize how much of the artists I enjoyed over the years he produced- Summer Rain by Carl Thomas, the Candy Rain album by Soul For Real still gets played in its entirety on road trips just to name a FEW.

Over the years, he managed to remain relevant and positive. I don't recall hearing any scandals involving him. And everyone I know who has met him said he was a good guy. He seemed to have avoided the pitfalls of hip-hop stardom and lived a life worth celebrating. Even though he was an artist from my generation,  people's MOTHERS were upset about the news. I know my mom LOVED him, especially on Boston Public one of the few shows she and i watched together.  While I am no longer tearing up as I was for most of the night last night, I am still saddened and deeply affected by this death.  RIP Mr. Myers!

Tuesday, November 8


Conrad Murray (no longer a doctor) was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Many people thought the verdict was correct & many others thought it was unfair.

Here is my opinion:

One of the first things learned in med school is the code of ethics. It seems that Murray misinterpreted the concept of  nonmaleficence and the phrase "First, do no harm."  He took the idea that sometimes it's best to NOT do something or to do nothing and ran with it; somehow forgetting that that is the case only if it will cause MORE harm. IF MJ was an addict... IF MJ was insisting on these inappropriate drugs... then, whose responsibility is it to take care of him? And in taking care of him, does that include monitoring his intake of inappropriate drugs. OR does that include not allowing him to use them?

So many people were talking about money playing into it. WHY!?!?? Becuase if he wasn't paying Murray to supply the drugs he would pay someone else? Face it, that's just dumb & what's wrong with the world. I just cannot wrap my mind around a doctor SITTING there WITH MJ and allowing this to go on. A doctor writing a celeb a prescription for a drug they claim they need & sending them on their way is NOT the same thing as a concierge doctor sititng there with the celeb and permitting them to essentially kill themselves. Not to mention, this is MICHAEL JACKSON!

I didn't follow the case AT ALL! So I don't know very many details, but I DO know that part of his defense was MJ delivered the deadly dose himself. Which may or may not have been the case, but who provided him with it? It ALL comes back to the doctor as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know what he's going to do now that he is no longer a doctor and regardless of being found guilty, I really hope he has just a little bit of guilt; a sense of culpability, if you will. You helped the beloved King of Pop end it all & you KNEW that you knew better! *Aunt Esther eyes*

Wednesday, November 2

McFib, McRoo, McGross!



So last week I was talking about my McRib experience & how there was NOTHING nice about it. Well yesterday I find out that there are gym mat chemicals in that joker! This chemical, azodicarbonamide, is BANNED in Europe & Australia as a food additive. UMMMMM, FDA, WHAT are you fools DOING!!??! THis crap is going into our CHILDREN. and you wonder why America is getting fatter, dumber, slower...

There are 70 ingredients in that crap... I'd hate to think what else is in it. BTW... rib meat isn't likely one of the ingredients. In fact McDonald's simply refers to it as "pork". Pork is defined as the fresh or salted flesh of swine when dressed for food & flesh is defined as edible parts of an animal. I am fairly certain THIS is not rib meat:

I know this isn't going to deter many McFib eaters from ingesting this foolishness. But I just want y'all to know that THIS is what McDonald's is selling you to put in your body.


Badop bop bop baaaaaah.... I'm vomitting!