Tuesday, December 27


So here it comes. The new year! People are making lists & promising themselves all kinds of things. New friends, new body, new habits, new attitude. But I have noticed a new trend & I'm wit it!


I'm down like 4 flats! I will continue my onward & upward movement. Doing what I do & being who I am only better. I'm not cutting people off January 1. Or hitting the gym January 3rd. Or going to read the bible in its entirety by December 31st (or 20 something if the Mayans were right). I decided long ago to improve myself over time & set the bar higher & higher. I know that things get derailed, plans & priorities change & circumstances evolve beyond your control. SHRUG LIFE!

Upward & onward is my motto so resolutions aren't needed. I'm not going to wake up on 1/1/12 and just be a whole other person, that's not even possible. But what I will continue to do is as follows:

  • Calls it like a sees it.
  • Like what & who I like and comment on what & who I don't.
  • Help those in need & not wave a flag, toot my own horn or throw myself a parade every time.
  • Add healthier foods & habits into my lifestyle.
  • Give as much love as I can without expecting anything out of it.
  • Get my culture up.
  • Be awesome...
I'm not saying YOU shouldn't have resolutions... Do what works for you, but just know that lofty goals  often go unmet  & no one really believes you anyway... not even you!

Thursday, December 8

This Christmas Will Be...

So this will be my second Christmas with the beau.

No big deal, right? WRONG! For me this means I'm growing alllll the way up!

A lot of things are different this Christmas & I love it! For one, I don't want anything for Christmas. I mean I do, but not really... a Kindle Fire would be nice but I'm not asking anyone for it. *shrug* And a new camera. But I don't REALLY want it... For two, I found a bank deposit slip from about this time last year & let's just say... God has made a way in just a year!! lol For three, I'm almost done shopping & super excited about seeing people's faces when they open their gifts. I can't wait for the holiday & it seems like as fast as this year went by, December is draaaaagging... I don't want to rush it but I'm ready for it to be here!

I leave you with one of my FAVE Christmas Songs....


Friday, December 2

Grand Opening, Grand Closing...

This morning poor, long-suffering Vanessa Long wife of  THIS guy:
filed for divorce (and not because of this picture either). This afternoon that same woman withdrew her petition of divorce from THIS guy:

Ummmmmmmmmmmm... M'am... WHAT are you doing?
For those that don't  know (or care) BISHOP Eddie Long was accused of same sex foolishness with some tenders in exchange for him getting them money,  power & respeck. The lawsuits were settled for stacks on stacks on stacks & then dismissed. That was 12 months ago, Nessa... WHAT has been going on SINCE then?

She released TWO statements & in BOTH statements she said she prayed over it & decided to do what she did. My question is... Who was she praying to & who was answering those prayers becauserrrraaaah 1 Corinthians says: For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

And if this ain't confusion, I don't know WHAT is....

I have some theories why the change of "heart" so quickly. But I really really wish I was a fly on the wall between this morning & this afternoon. In the second statement she says:  "I love my husband. I believe in him and admire his strength and courage." Wait, WHAT??? Nessa, I HOPE this isn't about MUHNNY, girl... But somehow, I'm sure it is because this right here is a messssssssssssssssss.

y'all know that's a wig HE has on, right? >_>