Tuesday, December 11

Road Rage Confession

Yesterday was a fairly uneventful day at work. So uneventful, in fact, that I took lunch @ 2 PM & essentially signed out for the day. As I was driving home, a mere 2.5 blocks from my house, there was a school bus double parked in the right lane outside of an elementary school. I turn on my signal to get over & proceed into the open area in the left lane. That is when it happened... Some crazy ass woman sped up and began driving in the oncoming lane to prevent me from getting over. Her bumper was INCHES away from the front of my car. Everytime I would move up to get over she would move up. So I conceded to her and let her go & she didn't even have the balls to LOOK at me when she drove by. I am a strong believer in the idea that if you're gonna be a bitch, be an all out bitch... not a punk bitch. So, I followed her... Yes, I did.

I was 2.5 block from home and I followed this lady for miles... down Riggs, up East-West, onto University, she tried to give me the slip on Adelphi... I made all the lane changes she did & she thought she was getting away from me with her Camry XLE... Baby, I drive a V6. I believe she turned back onto Riggs at some point & then practically made a U turn to get on Powder Mill. She pulled into the parking lot of the Safeway @ Powder Mill & New Hampshire & I let her go.

At first I was enraged, then I thought it was funny. Because for that 15 minutes, she was scared out of her mind all because SHE wanted to DRIVE aggressively & ACT like a punk. All she had to do was let me over, that would have taken 5 seconds. Instead she drove thru DC, PG & Montgomery County at her wit's end! I didn't care, I had time on my hands. But I can only hope that she remembers that feeling the next time she thinks about doing some unnecessarily ignant shyt like that again!

I kind of wish that I had continued to follow her, just so I could see her reaction, but I was hungry & got bored after I was satisfied that I had scared her enough. If any of y'alls mamas, aunts, etc. drive a champagne Toyota Camry XLE with the plate number.... SIKE, I'm not gonna put that out there! But if you know this woman and you hear her say some lunatic followed her all over nothern PG & parts of Montgomery, CALL HER ASS OUT! She didn't have to do what she did...

To make matters worse I was listening to Praise 104 the whole time, but I turned it down when I was on the phone with Mimi.


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