Thursday, January 26


Yesterday, the blogs were astir with "news" of Rihanna's knuckle tatt that says "THUG LIFE" and Smiley Walrus' pics drinking a HUGE alcoholic beverage & pretending to lick her boyfriend's birthday cake which was shaped like a male member. We discussed both of these things among my email crew & some people boiled it down to the children being the breadwinners & thereby having no REAL parental guidance.

While I absolutely agree with that, I also think it comes down to human contact. Why is Rihanna acting so aggressive & angry? Why is Smiley Walrus taking pics doing wild & inappropriate things? They need more hugs! Such a simple concept. When is the last time YOU hugged someone?
I don't mean that Christian side hug.

Or the awkward, not really touching, back pat.

I mean a full-on, nonsexual, heartfelt hug!

The kind of hug that fills whatever void you are feeling inside. The kind of hugs that brings tears to your eyes even when you don't know WHY you are crying. The kind of hug that you get just because!

I said yesterday that I want to get "HUG LIFE" tattooed on the insides of my arms (one word per arm) so when I spread my arms akimbo I can tell people to: "Bring it in!" Getting a hug when you sell a million records, or sign a new endorsement deal, or get a huge royalties check (is there a such thing? lol) is not the same as getting a hug when you are standing at the stove, or walking out of the living room, or watching the morning news. Sometimes when you are having what seems to be the worst day ever, a hug makes EVERYTHING alright!

Too often, these days, fame & money win out over common sense & self-respect. Like I have said before MONEY over ERRYTHANG! is the motto for too many people. One of my mottoes is: HUGS over ERRYTHANG! (Another one is: Bacon Makes Everything Better! but that's neither here nor there.) Hug more. HUG more. Hug MORE. HUG MORE. Famous people need real hugs too. Not from people they pay to tell them yes, or people that obsess over them night and day and finally get a chance to meet them, or people that they make money for but from people that TRULY have their best interest at heart. Or someone who truly knows & understands the power of human contact.

Have you hugged someone today?? No? Make sure you do!

Has anyone hugged YOU today?? No? BRING IT IN!
YES I really took the time to DRAW you a hug! Now, take dat take dat!

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