Monday, July 3

My Name is VICTORY!

It is DONE!

School has been kicking my CAN this year. I had TWO internships, a full time job, and at one point I was taking 4 classes as well. I wrote over 20 papers this year. 17 of which happened in 10 weeks! Through it all I maintained some sort of social life and even managed to entertain me a fella. It got REAL hectic for a while.... so much so that my THERAPIST was like how are you doing all of this? My answer: THE LORDT!

But I am here to say everything is completed and I am now a licensed counselor. Yes, a therapist! ME! Ain't that something!!?!?

I had a great team of supporters. They encouraged me, cracked the whip on me and gave me refuge when I just could NOT anymore. I definitely had a strong village!

In the few weeks after school: I lost a father-figure, traveled to England & Iceland, took a national exam, got bad news about a family member and still CARRIED ON!

After passing the exam, I interviewed for 4 positions and was offered all four! I took 2. One ended up not being a good fit. I went into the office in the humblest way possible and was basically told that in-home therapy life was not for everyone. The administration of the agency was my issue, but I did not say that. I thanked them for the opportunity and pressed on. I have been working as a therapist PT for about 2 months now. It has been INCREDIBLE already.

With that being said, I am back to blogging.... I hope! I have some things I want to get off my chest particularly with the misogynistic misanthropes running this whole shebang of a nation (see what I did there?) Soooo, while I will not be discussing my clients. I WILL be discussing EVERYTHING in between. EVERY Friday..... that is my promise... to me & to you!

"Bri Cooley", MA, MS, NCC, LGPC

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