Monday, January 7

Queer as YOUR Folk...

My girl T was in town for her birthday. We partied at what I would dare to say is the only real Saturday Party for grown folks who have been in the area long enough to know that H2O SUXX! There was a "birthday party" being held there for a male organization. Initially, I thought, GREAT, college-educated eye candy. The reality was FAR different. There was a GREAT mix in there initially... the ratio was pretty damn good. Then, suddenly I looked up & it looked more like a jousting contest!

I had spent so much time in our little corner, partying with my people, I didn't really pay attention to what was going on outside of the velvet ropes. As the night wore on & the women wised up to what i had failed to observe, I noticed the ratio had changed DRASTICALLY & what could have been equated to shooting fish in a barrel was more like trying to lure a bunny in with raw meat, he ain't interested.

There was even a tiny young man in there parading around with a hanger that held a cream blazer emblazoned with the organizations insignia and what appeared to be flames at the bottom. He danced around holding it up & I thought, this is terrible. I looked out at the dancefloor packed with men & a few women dancing among themselves & I thought, this is terrible. I was shoved out of the way by a guy hurrying to greet some other man & I thought, this is terrible.

Let me be clear, it made me no difference... I was there to party with my girls, but the sheer magnitude of what I witnessed was shocking. I jokingly told one of my girls: "This is the gayest party I have ever been to & I used to go to TRAXX!" But, as we exited the venue one of the promoters was standing outside and I told him: "There is some gay shyt going on inthere". He asked like what & I told him about the tiny man with the emblazoned blazer. My boy's response was something along the lines of he was trying to make a sale, he makes those & he sells them to different organizations, even MINE! I repeated : "there is some gay shit going on up there..." but before I could again say that it was gay, my friend cut me off with a sharp: "I know."

My girl & I continued out of the club past a group of bouncers and one of them noticed I was kind of pouting.
Bouncer 1: She got the serious pouty face. What's wrong?
Me: There's some gay shit going on in there.
Bouncer 2: See, n***a, I TOLD you!

With that confirmation, my girl & I took off running & laughing loudly toward the car. All in all (or is it all and all?), I had a good time. Special thanks to Twanks for pouring the drinks so LIGHT-handedly, otherwise I would probably STILL be in bed today. Happy birthday, T.... please don't never come back to DC again... see you in the 1-2-3... PIOYH!

Saturday was really SOMETHING... that's all I can say.

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