Thursday, February 7

Digging in the Crates

I found some words from years ago that I wanted to post for posterity.

Your countenance phases me
It's amazing how easy
You tease me with your eyes
My thighs no longer get warm
I have formed quite a new
Opinion on you, one without
Any doubt that you are powerful
I didn't realize until today
You have a way about you
No doubt, you have grace
In your face and your smile
After awhile, I can't deny you
Can't slip by you, you see it all
Be it all, free it all when I call on you
You do what it takes to make me,
Shake me, break me free from
Any self-proclaimed misery
You make me happy without crying
No denying, you have grace
In your face and in your voice
I have no choice but to
Believe in you, it's sincere
What I hear from your lips
It eclipses anger, erases fear
When I hear your words, I take heed
Even when I read them, the grace
In your face and your soul
Plays a role in soothing me
The savage beast that seeks to be
Released, unleashed on someone
Who's done me wrong
Interrupts my song
Your grace meets me in that place
Where no one else knows
And I suppose no one but you ever will
Where your wisdom fulfills its destiny
Soothingly charmingly gracefully
© 2006

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