Wednesday, November 4

The More Things Change

The more they... well, change. I went to my alma mater's homecoming this weekend and had an AMAZING TIME. While so many things were the same ole, same ole... alot of things had changed, DRASTICALLY!
In just one year, two of the most infamous dorms on campus had been torn down: the athletes' dorm & the boys' dorm. The cafeteria had been expanded and sexified! The tailgates had been moved AWAY from the stadium... BOOOO! The venue for the Alumni Cabaret had also been changed.

As i was there celebrating my school's centennial and my line's 10th anniversary, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but at the same time, I realized that things were VERY DIFFERENT. Due to the dorms being torn down, the tailgates weren't close to the game & I therefore missed seeing ALOT of folks. Due to the Alumni Cabaret venue being changed, the space was MUCH larger and more difficult to navigate & I therefore missed seeing ALOT of people.

Of the people I DID see, things had chnaged with them as well.
  • There was my girl that had moved into her HOUSE & was introducing me to her boyfriend for the first time, both things we had already discussed and we both knew were a long time coming. 
  • There was the man that had offered to take care of me when I was unemployed & uncertain of my next move a few years ago. Who now has a girlfriend & a child. He was talking to me about how that would have been me & I was assuring him that I would NOT have been having his child... But he continued to talk about how he was all set to take care of "his baby", in this instance meaning ME. While THEN that would have been a good idea, I can't imagine being a kept woman NOW...
  • There was the man that I took to be a complete fool in undergrad that is now a professor, and subsequently trying to hang out with me when he's in town (well that part hasn't changed AT ALL!)...
  • And then there was the confession from one of my oldest male friends... It was a very mind-boggling experience, and one that I am still wrapping my mind around. I was going to discuss it here, but even I keep SOME things private... HA!

Overall, the weekend was eye-opening to see how some people and places and situations had evolved so much. And fascinating to see how some people and places and situations had barely made lateral moves. (I wonder if they ever told that girl that the bill collector was looking for her. *shrug*) It has given me lots to think about here at home. I have some decisions to make on how & what I need to change because change is necessary for growth, CLEARLY. There are situations that are calling out for change in my life & changes I need to make to the places I go, and people just BEGGING to have their statuses changed. What is it you need to change to facilitate growth in YOUR life?

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