Thursday, November 19

I'd Rather be Alone

Than be here unhappy...

Much against my better judgement I was listening to Michael Baisden and he was discussing being alone for the holidays. He made it seem like SUCH a bad thing or even a BIG DEAL. I was with someone last Christmas and it wasn't all'at. Despite the Christmas cheer & all that. It just wasn't what I needed it to be. I mean bless his heart, I am sure he tried... ok, maybe not. But, the point is, I wasn't diggin it. and if I had to choose between a replay of last holiday season & THIS holiday season, unattached... I'd prefer this holiday.

What I am not going to do is bash him but, all I'm saying is why is there SUCH a big deal made about being alone on the holidays? Sure I only have that ONE recent holiday relationship upon which I am basing my opinion, but the fact remains I am happy with the way things are. I'm not gonna cry under the mistltoe, or sob deeply while decorating my Christmas tree. It's not that serious to me.

For those that it IS that serious for, think about this: your last relationship, how did it end? Don't just think about the good times, think about the WHOLE thing; how things really were. Really focus on the entire time around the holidays, not just Christmas Eve, by the fire, playin Boyz II Men. And ask yourself do I miss EVERYTHING? or just that? If you have never been in a relationship around the holidays, then you aren't even missing anything but what you never had.

One holiday doesn't make me the Subject Matter Expert, but it's common sense to see that what you have before you is possibility and opportunity. Not loneliness & tears. Ther eis a reason things didn't work out with you and whomever and the sooner you are okay with that; the sooner you can begin to ENJOY your holidays!

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FreeSpirit said...

i TOTALLY agree with this post. it is real. that shxt is true. there is no reason to feel alone when you have faith, family & friends. A MAN IS JUST THE BONUS UNDER THE TREE. if hes not there, ur not missin much.

-bhrittney chae-