Thursday, April 28

Can President Obama PLEASE Get Back to Presidenting Now!??!

So President Obama showed his long form birth certificate. And you would think that would be enough to embarass the LOUD non-believers, but it's not. Instead they have decided to talk about his education & some even claim Social Security fraud.
And now I feel like Cam'ron on Bill O'Rielly's show:

You maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagd! You maaaaaaaaaaaaagd!

This man is president, ok? There wasn't this much foolishness when Big Dumb W STOLE the election & lied to us about WMDs. My question is... WHAT DID OBAMA DO TO YOU!?!?
Here are some answers:
1. The most obvious is he was born black. But that's not ALL. He was raised by his WHITE grandparents for the most part & grew up in diverse communities. Something no President has admitted to THUS far.

2. He doesn't come from money. His mother was 18 when he was born & they moved from place to place. When he went to college, it wasn't a letter from his daddy or recognition of his family name that got him in. Some may say it was the color of his skin that got him in, but that isn't what KEPT him there. BE FOR REAL! He is a TRUE American story, the ones we always HEAR are possible in America, but uintil now we have not seen a TRUE boot straps success story in the White House in recent history.

3.  He's cooler than the other side of the pillow. When you mention Obama to Trump his wig gets TIGHT, his facce clenches even more & the already puckered butthole he calls a mouth gets TAUTER. Trump gets to foaming at the mouth & looking CRAZY at the mention of the President. But when you mention Trump to Obama..........

4.  He wants to make the rich just like any other TAXPAYING American. He has stated time & again that he is not about these tax cuts for the rich & raising taxes on the people barely making any money. The rich are "scared" of an even playing field or something.

5.  He made you hate yourself. You looked in the mirror & realized that you just weren't good enough, huh? That despite your daddy's good name & your billions & gazillions of dollars you are still not a likeable guy. You get up everyday & realize that despite all your money & relative successes, your failures still haunt you. You must find some chink in the President's armor because good BLACK men like this CANNOT POSSIBLY exist.

6.  He's black. Just say it, seriously. I would respect folks SO much more if they just let the ignorance flow freely instead of covering it up with birth certificate demands & academic records.

And while we are making requests for things to determine their legitimacy, I want to see Donald Trump's tax returns, his diary, sworn statements form his childhood friends (if he HAD any), and a receipt for that long haired chinchilla he has sitting on his head, POST HASTE!

Then there are those who are so insanely insane they don't even KNOW they are insane... Yes you Oily Titz, I mean Orly Taitz. Heffa, you aren't even an AMERICAN BORN citizen what are you even talking about. She's a dentist, she's a lawyer, she's a pshycopath! I mean if every picture of you looks like it could be your own CARICATURE, somethin ain't right!


She was the "face" of the Birther movement (and what a face it is... more like the face of a bowel movement, but I digress). Now she has moved on to Social Security fraud & clogging up our court system with more shenanigans. When Lawrence O'Donnell asked her if she was satisfied with the long form birth certificate on MSNBC, a simple yes or no question, she moved on to social security fraud foolishness.
Now, here's my thing, IF there was some big conspiracy to get Obama into office. WHO is behind it? Certainly not those that were behind Dub's second term. Surely not those that *conspiracy theories removed for fear of govy intervention*. But you catch my drift. Perhaps the problem is, the PEOPLE are behind him getting into office. Not the "powers that be", the "good old boy network", "the white rich & powerful"; but the people. The everyday people that were tired of the aforementioned groups dragging us thru the mud & getting richer on our backs while we struggle trying to get ahead of the laws, rules, regulations & CRAP they made up to keep us back.

OBAMA WON! and as these folks get angrier &angrier & their heads start to explode, he's still gonna be winning. So, sit back & relax before you blow a gasket!
I really feel sorry for the state of our contry if THIS is really the important news of the week! Don't you idiots have a Royal Wedding to watch or something, while the intelligent people deal with REAL life!

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