Thursday, April 7

Donald Trump is an IDIOT!

Could THIS be the face hair of America's future? If the movie Idiocracy is correct, the United States is indeed getting dumber & this could very well be the next president of the "United States of Uhh-merica."

This morning he was on the Today Show spewing a level of foolishness I have never seen from him. Meredith asked if he was a Tea Partier, he says: "I guess so." Ummm, sir, what does the Tea Party really stand for & are you sure you want to be affiliated with them? Do you know what the REST of the country thinks of them? You are all about cutting wasteful spending, you say, yet you have gold toilets!?!? I mean REALLY!  I am not taking anything away from his BUSINESS savvy, but can he run a country? That's not the same thing.

Besides, how can you trust someone who thinks THIS is acceptable hair?

And let's not get on the whole birth certificate deal. They did LESS investigating into voter fraud when Bush got "re-elected". I mean really, dude... let it gooooooo!

Again, I don't take ANYTHING away from his business acumen. But being good with money has NOTHING to do with serving the people. If you have ever watched an episode of The Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice you know that Donald Trump is A LOT of things, but diplomatic is NOT on the list. I find him highly entertaining, but politically astute? NAAAAAAH!

Again any man that uses Ken as his hair idol is NOT  a man I would trust in times of crisis. SORRY!


Abram Katz said...

Actually, he inherited a lot of the money from his dad.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is indeed and idiot! His hotel in Las Vegas is a joke and most people who stay there had no idea that Trump is banned from having a casino.

He has no idea about how to earn money. He was born rich!

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is trying to be the face of the next white supremacist party. He's going to get votes only because he is white.