Wednesday, June 1

Summa Summa Summa-TIME!- 3 cookouts in 2 days!

 Listen to this as you read....

Summer got STARTED for me this weekend. All last week I kept wondering who was having a cookout. And it appeared no one was. *sad sad sad* But lo & behold by Saturday tunes had changed! Saturday I did some running around & planning for summer meals (meaning things that don't require me standing over the stove for longer than 15-20 minutes).

So Sunday it was extra hot at church, but I was amped because I had a cookout to attend!

Cookout #1 had:
easy breezy people, great music via Pandora & a well stocked iPod, plenty of yard area & a nice porch, tons of beverages, fresh squeezed lemonade, plenty of seats, BURNT HOT DOGS, steak, oxtails, mac & cheese with spinach (took some of the guilt out of it), fried chicken, spanish rice, yellow rice, and a generous hostess that encouraged us to take a plate home!

Monday morning I slept until about 9 which is LATE for me! J called me & asked if I wanted to hit up a cookout at her peoples' house before we went to a cookout uptown. I knew the cookout uptown was going to last & last & last... so whenever we got there it would still be poppin! I met her at her friends' house. They had grilled the food in advance & were eating INSIDE because by 2 PM it was 92 degrees!

Cookout #2 had:
great conversation, talk of Amsterdam, a Mob & Basketball Wives viewing with hilarious commentary throughout (a lot of which was provided by me because I was unfamiliar with the characters on the show & they ARE some CHARACTERS), high school reminiscence, great barbecue chicken, ribs, baked beans with ground turkey, WEGMAN'S STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE (manufactured in heaven & delivered to the store by angels), and several brands of Reisling!

J and I left there around 6 to head over to hang with some of Uptown's FINEST! I had been telling J about the last cookout that I passed through that they had & I was only there 5 minutes. She wanted to witness it herself. When we arrived, they were still grilling but the music was pumping & the boys were ready to entertain. From the moment we arrived it was nothing but a good time! THIS cookout hit the trifecta: food, folks & FOOLISHNESS! There were hoodrats & bougie chicks doing what hoodrats & bougie chicks do & J & I were doing what WE do... LAUGHING AT THEM!

Cookout #3 had:
comedy, music, comedy, men that loved to dance, somebody's mama showing everyone how it's done, comedy, a GIANT cooler full of beer & water, red punch that tasted like Kool-Aid but warmed like fire, ribs on ribs on ribs, fried chicken, macaroni tuna salad, beans & rice, curry chicken, creole shrimp, green beans & potatoes, baked beans, Waldorf salad & WATERMELON!

SO it's official the summer is officially on & popping. More cookouts! More laughter! More more more! I'm ready!!

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