Tuesday, June 21

Some People Play Too Much: I'm Suin'!!

I know it's been a while since I had anything to say here... I have been tweeting here: @Bri_Cooley and I have been trying my hand at Tumblr. But I have been drawn back in because of this craze of "sexual discrimination" lawsuits being brought to court by men.

HISTORICALLY, discrimination and all the "-ism"s  associated with it were primarily based in INSTITUTIONS of rules and laws and ideals that have existed for decades, if not centuries. But now, that we live in a litigious society of people that need the law to protect them from getting hurt playing little league, the idea of discrimination has come to mean little more than "you hurt my feelings".

Last week this guy was on the news suing the nail salon for charging a dollar more for his manicure than a woman would have to pay. He stated he was humiliated by the experience. The salon had the prices posted, they weren't trying to be sneaky about it. But that one dollar & subsequent "humilitaion" was worth a $200,000 lawsuit? I don't get it. I didn't address it last week because I know the guy so I just let it slide, but not really. I spoke about it amongst some friends. Then his lawyer began evoking the name of Rosa Parks & I was just too through. This is NOT that... not even close. It's not simply about him being a man... it's about the idea that on average mens' nails are tougher, hands are rougher & cuticles are out of control and they don't go to the nail salon as often as women. You don't see skinny people suing the buffet because they don't eat as much as larger people? Some businesses have to base their prices on averages & generalities. This is not the same as sitting on the back of the bus because of the color of your skin. THIS is about business!

Now this week there is a 52 year old man suing a local Sheriff's Department because he was denied access to a WOMEN'S Self-Defense Class... TWICE. The first time he tried to go in place of his wife. The second time, he was just trying to prove a point or something. And while some may take offense to me implying that he is "less than a man" by using the term "man up" when I referenced it earlier... Well they need to man up too! Women didn't make this a male-centric society. But we have learned to live in it & become accustomed to some things like men being able to defend themselves. All the sherrif's department has to do is start a class for men or a non-gender specific class and he will drop the suit. But all this dude has to do is sit down somewhere. If at 52 you can't defend yourself or you are worried about being attacked: get a gun, buy some mace, or stay in the house. Why are you suing because women that have been victims of abuse & rape wouldn't feel comfortable with you in the class? He even said he understood that but is suing anyway to get a class for men or access to the materials. Dude, your WIFE isn't even concerned enough to take the class... You are doing too much.

Overall, I think that people have been taking this lawsuit business too far... There are people dying in hospitals & nursing homes due to neglect and improper care. Poverty & crime are growing rapidly & you are suing because of your nails & a self-defense class. Pick your battles, people.

Gender inequality has long since been an issue that has worked in men's favor, but now they want what women have too? Really, for a man to want to be "equal" to a woman seems like hustling backwards because women STILL aren't equal to men... you don't believe me, check our paystubs! Do you really want gender equality? or do  you just want to know what goes on in our self-defense classes? Do you really want gender equality? or do you just want your dollar back? What is your REAL motivation behind this? Do you want to be equal? or do you want to be on tv? Do you want to be equal? or do you want something to do now that you're retired?

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PurpleJeli said...

LOL @ these fools! Can I sue for these idiots for breathing too much of my air while being so damn stupid???