Tuesday, April 24

Now Usually I Don't DO This... Think Like A Man

I didn't read the book. I don't watch Oprah. I don't listen to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. I find Terrence J BEYOND corny. And I have NEVER rooted for Gabrielle Union. Get allllllll that in ya spirit.... I'll give you a few seconds....











NOW, with all that said. I liked Think Like a Man! Pick ya jaws up! I was pretty sure that all the punchlines had been ruined by the commercials, but it hadn't. I was afraid that the characters in the movie were going to be stereotypical like Pyler Terry, but they weren't. I was fairly certain I was going to roll my eyes & suck my teeth & sigh loudly, and I DID, but it wasn't for very long. It kept my attention, it got me a lil emotionally invested & MOST of it was familiar (not the same as predictable).

I don't want to go into detail or spoil anything, but let me make some points.

  1. I want Terrence J off the tv & on the movie screen. I find 106 & Barf reprehensible; so much so I have not watched more than 30 minutes of it TOTAL since AJ & Free left. I didn't even RECOGNIZE him until the credits rolled.
  2. I don't know who I thought I was fooling ASSUMING Steve Harvey wasn't going to be in this movie! UGH!
  3. I actually wanted Gabby Union to get what she wanted in the movie AND I didn't CRINGE every time Meagan Good opened her mouth- that has never ever ever ever ever eeeeeever ever evereverever been the case... EVER!
  4. DC's finest Taraji & Regina did great job as well-educated BFFs.
  5. There wasn't any neck-rolling or finger-snapping even in the most TENSE of moments!
  6. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard in the movie theater. I wasn't jumping up & dancing around like I was at Def Comedy Jam, but I did laugh LOUDLY.
  7. Lots of cute cameos & recognizable faces!
  8. Chris Brown AND Shannon Brown.... Lemme say it again... SHANNON BROWN & CHRIS BROWN... ok!??!
  9. Everyone was believable as friends... which is hard to do when you have such a large cast. But it made sense that these people knew each other in various ways.
  10. Tons of great quotables...
Aside from the HORRENDOUS hairline of a certain ex-boyfriend...  Be ye married, single, dating, happy, bitter, or indifferent... Go see it. It was worth the time & money.

Shout out to the DeVry class of FRIDAY!

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