Thursday, June 14

To Whom Much is Given...

I know I haven't been writing in a while. And that is because every now & then I like to enjoy life without having to tell the world about it. So now that that is out of the way, let's get down to business...

Word on the street is Chris Brown's entourage got into a fight with Drake's entourage in the midst of an industry party in NYC. I tried not to think about it after I read an article on it from TMZ earlier today. But as I got sucked into reading another update by TMZ, I REALLY got bothered. I was so bothered, I took to the Twitta: "Anyone that still supports any of the bucket headed, poor excuses for men involved in that celebrity club fight... *sigh*" Someone replied that our 20s weren't our best and lesson learned. I couldn't help but to think who learned what lesson? Certainly not C. Breezy, who has been in trouble for his temper and penchant for putting his hands on folk in the past and in a VERY public way.  But lesson notwithstanding, these people are millionaires and/or people who have been blessed with an ability that few others have. They are at a party surrounded by fans & other famous people. So WHY are you fighting? I have gotten into a confrontation or 2 in the club in my 20s but NEVER a full out brawl and NEVER anything I initiated. Even at that age, I realized I had too much to lose. And I didn't have anything but a red leather couch, champagne-colored '99 Corolla and a craptastic job at a "news" outlet.  

So how is it people with SOMETHING more obvious to lose are coming to blows amongst a throng of people? The Bible (don't tune me out YET) says to whom much is given much is required. While my couch, car & job may not have been a big deal to Drake & nem, I valued what I had. So what is required of these talented & successful guys wrecking in the club? What do they require of themselves? What has to happen before they learn their lesson? How many episodes of Unsung do these younguns need to watch? How far into your 20s can you act a fool before you have to stop using that as an excuse/reason? (Juelz is going to be 30 next year) 

By the way, overall, my 20's were pretty good times! Kinda my best years up to that point. I just really would like these stars to require a bit more of themselves. And the people that consume their product should too. Before people go getting all huffy, I supported C. Breezy up until this. Now? notsomuch. But I'm just the girl on the red couch! *shrug*

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