Wednesday, July 18

It's Alright

Today, I feel like May Boatwright the emotional sister in "The Secret Life of Bees". I have been walking around with my face like this:
Alllll morning... seriously.

I feel very deeply for this world & our future. I can't help it. But what am I going to do about it? SOMETHING! I spoke to my mom this morning & she reminded me that FEELING this way means there is a calling on my life that I cannot ignore. Instead of using these things to depress me I need to use them as motivation. I am determined to do so.

Gospel music is great & ministers to me, but sometimes a well-worded R&B song can give you that good old, everyday joe perspective. Enter Ledisi:
This life can make me so confused but it's alright
Living day by day I feel so used. That ain't right
I just wanna run and hide
But I don't have the time to cry and it's alright

I have things on the horizon that I have the tools to tackle. And I have to get to it & through it. There's no other option but for forward movement. If I'm crying, I'm not trying. (Ijust made that up, but I like it!) As cathartic as tears can be, they are all for nothing if you don't DO something. So, I'm doing it. (repeats it over & over to myself to defeat the evil Fear Dragon that is trying to devour my confidence, hope AND motivation... he so greedyyyyyy!)

I always say things about people that complain & don't do. I am going to do. I have no choice, I can't keep crying. That doesn't bring about results. Please don't worry about me ending it all like May (if that was even your concern), I just have to press on & on & on.

I know that as long as I am persuing that which God has for me to do...

Everything is everything... it's ALRIGHT!

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