Monday, November 19

The Mediocrity of Holiday Weeks (A Food Post [Actually it's a Rant])

Gobble Gobble & what not!

I am heading to my grandmother's house in VA on Thursday. WOW it's Thanksgiving ALREADY!??!

While I am looking forward to being with family & sharing thanks & MOST importantly eating GOOD on Thursday... I would LIKE to eat good today, tomorrow & Wednesday. But that doesn't seem to be in the cards around these parts.

Normally, the food in the cafeteria in my building is pretty good... passable.... not a place for a hot date or anything, but it'll get you through the day with no regrets (if you know what I mean). They make baked chicken that is GREAT though. I don't know what they put on it or in it, but it's good stuff. I went up there today to gitmesummmm & lo & behold they had fried chicken, bbq chicken & jerk chicken. I didn't ask them for all that! So there go my plans of baked chicken & fried okra- the latter of which I didn't even look for because there was no baked chicken! I go over to the grill & they have one lil container of fries that I am almost certain had been sitting for a while and/or coughed on because the fries usually go QUICK! I saw that the dude was going to drop more fries so at first I was going to wait and maybe grab a burger & fries. Then I saw some lady touching all the bacon cheeseburgers. Sure they were wrapped, but the IDEA of some lady pawing my food before my very eyes & passing it up as if it wasn't good enough for HER- a food toucher- but it was ok for me, turned me all the way off. I wasn't in the mood for anything from the food stations where the food is cooked fresh. CORRECTION, I wasn't in the mood to wait at any of the food stations. And eating off the salad bar after 11:30 is a SURE way to catch foot & mouth disease or Swine flu!

I left the cafeteria & went to the by the pound place near my office. WHYDIDIDOTHAT!??! Everything in there was picked over. The turkey looked like vultures ate it. What was left of the bulgogi looked like it had been previously eaten. They had scooped the whole middle out of the mac & cheese. All the fruit looked sad & pale. By this time, I didn't even CARE if they had my fave sammige as the daily special because I had basically lost my appetite for ANYTHING they were serving.

Clearly these places were trying to use up all the food they had on hand between now & Wednesday because they essentially will be closed or on TRICKLE for 4 days. But why must I be the one to suffer!?!? huh? WHY ME!??! huh?  I realize this happens every year around this time, butI'msayin... I am irritable today & I want what I want. No place was able to give me that... & because of this, I am disappointed. I'm leaving early so I can eat a decent lunch & take a nap... cuz CLEARLY I am cranky & sleepy!

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