Tuesday, February 26

Who Do You THINK You Are??

Are you pretty? Beautiful? Fabulous? Thick? Skinny? Chubby? Adorable?

How do YOU see you? How do YOU feel about YOU?

We all have our bad days.... your hair is a mess, your clothes are a lil wrinkled, you didn't get enough sleep last night. But those days should NOT last weeks or years or lifetimes. You gotta love you enough to SHOW that you are the baddest, meanest, fiercest thing on this PLANET EARTH regardless of what someone else might think.

No one WANTS to be lonrly... but in order to get beyond the loneliness you must first enjoy being alone. If YOU can't stand YOU how and why would you expect anyone else to? I said it before & I'll say it again:
Change your mind & change your life!

It's not that easy, but it IS that simple... Do you have an anthem? a theme song? some theme music? something that speaks to how YOU see you... something that makes you feel like the fabulousest thing on the road? I certainly do! My Anthem is Bad Mama Jama by Carl Carlton & my theme music is Westchester Lady by Bob James they both speak to my inner Maxine Rosewater (my 70s disco diva alterego).

Don't worry about what you DON'T have... there are folks who have less & yet are getting more out of life because they workin what they got! SO WORK THAT THANG! Your long sleeved shirts don't button no more??? toss on a tank top underneath & don't button the shirt... put on your gaudiest, chunkiest of necklaces and DARE someone to notice your backfat! Pants too small??? Zip em up as far as they will go, pin em together if you have to, throw on a cute long sweater &  an arm full of bracelets & SHAKE THE WORLD UP!

GET. YOUR. LIFE. If you find it hard... get out a pad of sticky notes... write some affirmations down and put them all over your mirror... your house.. your car... your office... They can be words, phrases, bible verses... anything to remind you to be beautiful inside and out... manifest it in all you do. how you walk. how you talk. how you eat. how you post on FB, Twitter, instagram. (not that thirsty mess either... that's a whole other ball of wax!)

Grab yourself by the collar... get in your own face... SHAKE YOURSELF... and say "GET YOUR ISH TOGETHER! YOU TOO FLY FOR THIS!"

Then put on some fly clothes, put a smile on ya face, style ya hair, fix ya face up a lil somethin, turn on your theme music... go forth and BE fly! THE FLYEST EVER! FLYER THAN A 747!


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