Tuesday, December 5

BillBORED Snoozic Awards

Whadda waste of time!

If I wanted to be confounded I could have and SHOULD have watched HEROES! I missed the Janet Jackson performance because I was like clipping my toenails or something more exciting like that. But let's just get to the "highlights"...

I could have done without the whole show, I could have had a V8! I mean on WHAT planet does Rhianna win 3 awards and one of which is in the same category as MJB!??! I mean c'mon people Mary been in it longer & ha actually gotten BETTER. Rhianna, is a no-talent, big headed, clone of Beyonce with the ashy tracks that Beyonce used to always rock when she first started. And just a fashion note for Rhianna, you gotta big forehead PLEASE stop parting that shit down the middle!!!

Moving on... Gwen, I mean GWEN what the shit was that. Isn't she like 40? Why was she hopping around yodeling and carrying on. Get back with No Doubt & make music with a conscience. and this new blond bob isn't cutting it either.

Fergie always look like she is moments away from dropping to her knees & slobbing a knob. SERIOUSLY, especially with that new face. Those lips always look ready to get down witht he get down at a moments notice. ILK!

Mary, baby, I love you... it's been a long time coming, but I LOVE YOU! but the fur. THE FUR on every outfit looked like half a cat, a wet cat @ that. Baby you were in Vegas, why did u even have a fur stole that you then just dropped on the floor????

And finally, I was left utterly speechless by Three 6 Mafia and Chingy. What int he name of all that is coontastic & wrong with the music biz was that???? Juicy Jay was higher than the price of premium gas in Montgomery County. I don't even know what he was saying or trying to say or about to say or attempting to say. They bleeped out what I am sure was inaapropriate, but in reality they should have just dragged him off the stage for setting the race back like that yet again.

Almost everything else was boring or wack or both. And by that I am not surprised. The music biz is in the shytter & with he exception of T.I. (whom i adore even if his panties was showin), Luda & Pharrell the performances were wack at BEST!

If I forgot something you thought was a bright spot, please forgive me because all in all it was a blur of boredom interspersed with glimpses of the beauty that is Luda's mouf & T.I.'s menacing countenance!

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