Thursday, February 7

More Poetic (In)Justice


You say you are my friend
But I don't think you know
What the word means
It involves so much more
Than your selfish heart
Is willing to give
or even knows how...

I have shed tears for you
I have hurt for you
Crossed lines for you
Lied for you
And all you could do
Was shrug or complain
Never fully understanding
How your hurt
Was hurting me
Never fully caring
How your pain
Affected me

Not that it was your problem
Neither was the burden
I bore for you
But I took it on
Only to have it
Thrown in my face
Because the job I volunteered for
Wasn't done to your liking
I wish now
That you had fired me then
So I could now be free
Of the friendship burdens
You place on me
Walking on eggshells
Tip-toeing around
My own damn thoughts
And sensibilities
It used to be a thankless job
Now it has evolved
Into a permanent position
With very little benefits
But plenty of overtime
No time off and very low pay
No chance of promotion
Just futile work
And no returns
On my investment.

© 2006

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