Thursday, February 7

Read this with your hand on your hip & a lil roll in your neck

What you NEED to Do

You need to start acting right
Instead of looking left
You need to save my time
Instead of wasting your breath
You need to unearth your feelings
Instead of covering your bases
You need to start moving more slowly
Instead of treating relationships like races
You need to understand what it is you seek
Instead of always saving your hide
You need to live life in the now
Instead of like someone just died
You need to open up your eyes
Instead of closing off your thoughts
You need to worry about what you have right here
Instead of what you could have got
You need to give this more time
Instead of waiting 'til it's too late
You need to show me a little love
Instead of letting your friends hate
You need to step out of the dark
Instead of keeping your heart so light
You need to try to make things work
Instead of playing all your life!

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