Thursday, September 17

It's Not Me, It's You... SERIOUSLY!

Everyone knows the old breakup line.... "It's not you, it's me." THat is all well & good when you want to let someone down easy. But there are some people that need to know that it is INDEED them and not just when you are breaking up with someone; I mean in everyday life.

For example, this morning I was at the snack bar upstairs in my office building and there was a guy with some dumb accent rapping up the chick at the register. He was slowing her down and being  an overall distraction. "You have an attitude..." he says. "NO I don't have an attitude!" she says as she rolls her eyes in her head without ever making eye contact with him.

Now if for some reason, you are thinking this girl sounds like she has an attitude... then you are annoying, CONGRATULATIONS! lol

Folks need to realize it's not OTHER people's attitudes... it's YOUR annoying ways. The guy talked to her through about 6 customers. She looked at me & cut her eyes like: "THIS guy!" and he was steady yammering. Her body language, lack of eye contact, terse responses, and monotone voice was no indication to him that she didn't want to be bothered. Instead, to him, it was indicative that she had an attitude. I was frustrated FOR her. I know she totally felt like Monie in the middle and didn't want to "prove his theory" of her having an attitude by telling him how she really felt. *sigh* Why can't it be that she is just not interested in holding a conversation and that just be okay? Why is it such a personal affront when a person just doesn't want to talk to you? Some people don't WANT to be friendly & guess what, that's okay... SERIOUSLY it is. So the next time you think someone has an attitude, maybe it's JUST YOU!

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