Thursday, September 3

Let's Just Agree to MOVE ON!

OK folks, it's moving day!

The "buzz" of the morning is the Chris Brown interview on Larry King last night. Guess what? I didn't watch it. I saw that twitter was a-twitter about it from comments on his clothing, his demeanor, his grammar... And I'm wondering why do you care?

There were tweets about statistics, with NO statistics... and people so passionate it seemed they were crying at their keyboards. Now, I know that when the incident FIRST happened, my girls and I got into a HEATED discussion. But, that seems LIGHT YEARS away.

I hear he had on a FOOLISH outfit and I was considering tuning in for that ONLY. But other than that, I didn't care and that doesn't make me a bad person. I have REAL things to worry about, things that affect me DIRECTLY like who got eliminated fro Top Chef last night... HA! (I kiiiid, I kiiiid!)

But seriously folks, whether you think CB was right or wrong... whether you think RhiRhi was a victim or an agitator... The justice system has spoken! So unless CB is asking you to help him appeal or something... let's just move on...

There's Healthcare reform, bad azz children on the metro... SOMETHING... I am not even requesting to agree to disagree, I am requesting we all move on... onward & upward, people! C'mon!

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