Thursday, September 10

Why Are You Hollerin'?

Due to a poorly scheduled meeting, I missed President Obama's live speech last night, but I did happen to catch the highlights and that CLASSIC picture of Obama, Biden & Pelosi when their heads and eyes SHOT to the left (our right). Twitter was a-twitter with requests to flood Joe Wilson's phone lines, email and webpages. How ironic that his name is ACTUALLY Joe after the Republican's references to other ignoramuses named Joe; namely Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber. But I just have one question for Joe Wilson: "Why are you HOLLERIN'?"

It made me think about those people that yell out at healthcare town hall with crazy, nonsensical, tourette's syndrome-like randomness. A friend told me about a town hall meeting her colleague attended. There was a man there that kept yelling out "DEREGULATE"! But when he was asked: "Deregulate what?", he just yelled it out again. Then there was the lady that actually stood up and yelled: "These people opt-out of health insurance and spend their money on flat screen tvs and tennis shoes." To which Mr. Deregulate chimes in: "AND MALT LIQUOR!" *falling out laughing* Sorry but that is funny, because it goes to show that those town hall hollerers are just.... blind with rage over IMAGINARY people. Who are these healthcare opt-outters that spend their healthcare money on malt liquor, shoes and televisions? I don't know these people and I assure you they don't either. HA! But you know who they THOUGHT they were referring to, riiiight?

But I digress... It has been said  that there is a time and place for everything but hollering is almost always WRONG! If you are having an intelligent debate with someone and that person started HOLLERIN, that person usually doesn't have anything else to say and begins HOLLERIN as a last resort. If you are in an argument with someone and that person starts HOLLERIN it's usually because that person is lying. So WHY in a situation where someone is trying to impart information to you in a LARGE group would you just start HOLLERIN? Why are you SO emotional at an INFORMATIONAL SESSION where decorum and respect are expected and observed that you just start HOLLERIN.

I am going to ruffle some feathers, but I know what it is. YOU MAAAAAAAGD! You are EMOTIONAL about the results of the election. And your "good face" cracked and the real you shone through at the MOST inopportune time. What a pity!

But Mister Wilson, why weren't you hollerin at W when he was lying about those WMD? Why weren't you MAAAAAAGD about him sending our children off to die? Why weren't you emotional that suddenly we weren't looking for Osama Bin Laden anymore? Oh no, you decide to holler about the less fortunate receiving healthcare! You decide to get MAAAAAAGD about helping someone that isn't part of your circle get the help they need! You decide to get emotional because you just don't WANT to work with the person in the place of authority! Instead you want your bill to just be accepted without incorporating any other ideas. But guess what, if your way had worked before, Mister Wilson, you would be in the majority or at least have some significant showing in Congress and you wouldn't have to resort to foolish frat boy tactics to get your way. This is reminscent of Revenge of the Nerds; the Tri-Lambs have finally won because people were tired of living under Alpha Beta's reign of terror and fear. HA!

There is a way to handle differences, but hollerin only makes people not listen or take you seriously. So congrats Mister Wilson, you have managed to earn a CRAZY amount of money for your opponent in South Carolina (and let's not even go into THAT states' history). You can apologize and give all the explanations you want, but the point is, healthcare had nothing to do with your outburst, sir, and we all know it. Be honest with yourself, is all I ask, because WE know...

P.S. why did the Republican party have to tell you that they wanted you to contact the White House & state that your statements were inappropriate? Why didn't you just KNOW better? huh? HUH?

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