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GUEST BLOG: Lil Wayne's World- The Breakdown

I have an email crew (the EMC) and all day long we discuss the celeb romances, breakups, breakdowns, and so on. Well recently we were discussing Lil Wayne's "situation" and my sister, Erica, is a self-proclaimed Lil Wayne FANATIC so she decided to break it down for us. What she brought forth was riveting enough to be part of a VH1 documentary. (Please note I tried to edit out the strong language as to not offend anyone's sensibilities... if I missed a word, forgive me).

So, without further ado, I present:

Lil Wayne's World- The Break Down
By Erica

Okay, I know y'all are wondering why I have been keeping my opinions about my boo and his ever expanding family to myself (I know y'all are on pins and needles wondering why!) so I will let y'all into my head! LOL!

But no seriously, I know it seems weird and is ignorant, stupid, irresponsible, ghetto etc. to y'all and y'all probably won't understand or agree even after I break it all down, but it is reality. Take a minute and read all of this, it gets deep so grab a Snickers you may be here for a while. lol

(FYI, this is all from straight memory. Years of loving this man and everything about him! No google, no wiki, no nothing. I am LIL WAYNE, "he transformed me from a human to a Carter" !!!!! LMAO. This is gonna be like a hood blog version of a VH1 Behind the scenes. Where I break for a quote, it would be like when they show a clip from an Interview with him, or Cita or Toya....when I throw in a lyric picture it being like a cut to a part of one of his videos. Come on let your imagination go with this one! Quotes may not be exact, but they are something like what he said. Unless they are lyrics, then those are direct quotes, you can BE-LEEV DAT!)

Wayne grew up with his Mother, just him and her. His father left and she had a deadbeat second husband, then Rabbit. But in between and in the end it was always just them. While she was married to her first husband he would beat all of the shit out of her when Wayne was really young. He would see that going on all the time, and then one day he pulled a gun out on the man and was going to shoot him but Cita stopped him. "I remember your p***y second husband kept on beatin' ya'. til that day i went in the kitchen and got the cleaver. I could see the devil in his features, but you know what he could see the Cita in my features. He didn't give a fuck, I didn't give a f***either" That's when she said she knew she had to get away from that man because "him losing his life wasn't more important than her son throwing his away". That's when they moved to Holly Grove Projects, just her and Wayne, and it was just the two of them again, until she met and married Rabbit (Reggie - who Reginae is named after) who was a local hustler, and Wayne adored. He treated him and Cita really really good, Wayne says that when his Mother was with Rabbit they were "rich" and Wayne really looked up to him. Then Rabbit was killed. Wayne and Cita are alone again (not to mention, now considered poor). This is when Wayne began to "hangout" and when he got hooked up with Baby and Slim, they were the hood superstars with a record label and I guess they had some local hits. Wayne signed with them and that's when he became the man of his house and had to take care of his mother by any means necessary. Then when Hot Boys started getting bigger and he was always gone or on the road touring, his mother told him she was lonely and bored asked him when was he "going to have a baby or something?"

Meanwhile he's been dating Toya.

Wayne and Toya's bond is so strong and most of it is built on her unconditional love for him and being loyal to him from day one. She was a young girl with NOTHING, no real family, mother strung out, doesn't know who her father is, she was just out here living a life with no direction or sense of purpose. She met Wayne and he was her first love- not only that, he was as she said "the first person she felt really loved her" she said she never felt love before she met him. That is why she is so "stuck" on him as her friends say. Not to compare her to a dog, but a person like that, that has never had anything or anybody to treat them nice and decent or show them love will latch on as soon as they get it, and they then are the most loyal thing and will never leave them or betray them. ( ala Keyshia Cole) So Wayne was everything to her, so finding out she was pregnant with his baby was the best thing that could have ever happen to all parties. Toya felt like she finally had something to give Wayne, since he had given her everything (love, family, etc.) Wayne gave his Mother a baby, and something to do (lol) and he finally had a family of his own. "that's right, the daughter be the twinkle in my eye, you hurt her you kill me, and n***, I ain't bout to die."

Every bodies happy!

Reginae was the first thing that belonged to Toya, that was hers to love forever and that would love her know matter what. And Cita became like a mother to Toya. And that's when Wayne married Toya and moved them all to (ATL or FLA? I can't remember where they went first) and that was the first time any of them had a "family", which is all they each ever really wanted and never had (and that's why I think somewhere down the line, it will be again - Toya and Wayne will re-unite).

So any who I believe this is all a cycle, I think that all of the women that are involved with him know all about his want and need of love and loyalty(Trina's mistake -as he says she wasn't loyal -she broke their trust). They know that when it all comes down to it, he is all about kids and love and family. Yeah it's not cool that he can't keep it all with one woman and have as many kids as he wants with her. But hey this is WAYNE we are talking about here, the person that said "that's what I WANT to do.....whatever is in MY cup, it's my business. What does it have to do with you, what's in MY cup? No really, it confuses me why people care or have an opinion, because IT IS IN MY CUP....whatever it is". (I'm sure he was high out of his mind when he was saying that, but it was funny and true as hell!!!!!)

Which brings me to the end of this little synopsis (lol), if he plans on, loving, caring for, being with and properly raising these children without the help of the government and our tax dollars, why is it a big deal to anyone else? He obviously keeps the peace amongst the baby's mothers. He moved Sarah from Ohio to ATL so she and the boy could be with Cita, Reginae, and Toya. And that's apparently working out, they seem to all be happy and peaceful in their arrangements/positions. Nivea is already in ATL, and so is Lauren London I think, so if all is well in the Carter clan why is it problem to America? I understand the American way is to get married, have children, stay married and live the American Dream. But as the quote from above shows, we are dealing with someone who is so "Un- American" - who is totally unorthodox in every other aspect of his life - so why does anyone expect him to carry out his family life in the way America sees fit? "this is history in the making. so shut the f*** up and let me make it." I know he is gonna have a hard time being a Father to all of his children from a jail cell, but that was an unforeseen event, that I think they are all preparing for, and planning on making it as easy as possible for the sake of the children. But one things for sure, no one can say that from what we have seen, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. hasn't been a good father. He is always there to show love and support to Reginae, he obviously has been a big part of DJ's (yes I just gave the baby a nickname) life and we haven't heard one way or another about him and the two newest boys (seeing that Nivea just gave birth yesterday, so obviously the stories about him not showing up to the birth or not being allowed in the delivery room, from a few weeks ago were false). So I say let him live. He supposedly has either slowed down on or has completely stopped with the Syrup as he said he would "when I stop doing WHATEVER it is I'm doing, it will be because I want to, for me and for my kids. Not because, you said so, or you wrote on your blog that I should......no, no, no. I could give a FUCK what you say or think of me. I DO ME."

You don't have to like it, you don't have to agree but you can't neglect that teeny weeny bit of respect you have. Come on and admit!

And to answer a question one of you HATAHS asked me a while ago, (which I NIG-NORED!) "Erica, is this your boo?" YES!!!!!!!! I love that man, and I would marry him tomorrow if he walked in here and asked me. 4 baby's, 4 baby mama's, tatted up face, kissing Baby, and all. I'll take him, I'll love him and I would be with him


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A.Smith said...

I respect ANYBODY who can write something like that off the top of their head, just going off what they know to be true.

I can do that for some celebs and people always make me feel "some type of way" about being able to do it, but hey -- when you know your stuff, you know it.

She also makes a very valid point. Folks can't ignore your background and how you got to be whoa nd where you are. ALL that stuff matters.