Wednesday, June 16

A Taste of Jamaica: Part 1

So I have decided not to overwhelm the few & faithful with one looooooong blog about all that Jamaica meant to me. I can't even begin to tell you in words or pictures all that we experienced. But I WILL say I cried TWICE because somethings were just THAT amazing! *dabs eyes* So I am going to piece meal it for you! Imma draaaaaaaaaaag out ya jellisy!

This morning's topic:
Things I Couldn't Have Done Without

  1.  My GIGANTIC NY & Co. Hobo bag- This thing held me down from the airport, to the beach, to the parking lot. J & I even managed to lose a few room keys in the various zipper pockets! But no worries, I even came HOME with a hotel key I just KNEW I didn't have!

  2. Wata- It is the brand name of the water they served at every bar on the resort and man oh man was it handy! We found out that it got up to 105 degrees one day that we spent laid out at the pool. No one noticed... thanks to the Wata!

  3. My butlers- there was a morning, evening and late-shift butler providing 24 hour room service and other such things! Our Morning butler Darinton made life SO good. Yet I managed to NOT get a picture of him. *slaps forehead*

  4. My BIG wig brush- I wore my hair. That's it! I washed it every other day & rocked it out, literally. The brush made the burning bush that was my hair fluffy & fun!

  5. The potatoe products- I had potatoes every day & the carbs plus the water helped me to power thru the loooong hooooot Jamaican days! I had french fries, potatoes au gratin, lyonnaise potatoes, potatoe puree, and all the curry dishes had potatoes in it! GREAT STUFF!
Don't worry there is more to come.... including quotes and an ode to the AWESOME men I met on the trip!

Stay tuned!

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    DJ Taurus said...

    BUTLERS?!?!!?? really?!!??! must have been lovely:) glad u enjoyed. hope to see some pics soon!