Wednesday, June 2


The other day a friend of mine made a comment about his great night out! Knowing him, foolishness abounded. His brand of foolishness usually involves chicks fighting for his time, tussling for for his attention, and so on and so forth. It also usually involves him encouraging such insidious behavior. With that said, he also used to complain about such behavior from women in whom he was interested.

Does he have the right?

Can a guy encourage women to sip champagne from each others cleavage AND be upset that a girl that is interested in him was the champagne sipper? Can a guy sweet talk the drawz off a chick in the club (LITERALLY) and then get upset when the girl you are interested in decides to forgo panties in the club altogether?

Is this the equivalent to a drug dealer being upset because crack is ruining the community? Can you expect a lady to act like a lady when you treat that lady like a whore?

Now I am sure that some will say well, if she acts like that then that's on her. But let's slip that shoe on the other foot. Would she act like that if the man to whom she was attracted didn't appear to like it? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

What if you drove a big bodied Benz but treated it like it was a hooptie? No oil changes, no windshield wiper fluid, cigarette holes in the seats. One day you decided you wanted to upgrade for a Benz with all the bells & whistles but when you get to dealership all the used cars have just as much noticeable wear and tear and the newer ones aren't made very well because the manufacturer knows you only drive the car for show and you are going to tear it up anyway? Do you vow to treat your old car better? Do you demand that the manufacturer use better materials for their cars?

Let's say you had an architecturally amazing, multi-million dollar home for sale. In order to get top dollar you had to give the potential buyer what they wanted: leopard print wall paper, pepto pink brick with fire engine red shutters, green shag carpet and a toilet in every room (no walls around it, JUST a toilet). Do you risk losing the buyer to keep the architectural integrity of the home? or do you give the buyer what they want, take the money and run!? Who cares, right? it's just a house. But what if you were only renting it out for a short time? Would you be willing to jeopardize a long-term investment for short term gain? As the potential buyer/renter, are you willing to devalue someone's home for your own comfort and enjoyment or "just cuz you can"? Is  What if it became a rent to own situation and there was a possibility by the time you owned the home the carpet & wall paper & toilets everywhere weren't a good look anymore? Just throw a little money at it and the problem is solved, huh? Is today's whim more important than the big picture?

So which comes first?

I'm still not sure but either way you can't publicly encourage and promote shenanigans and turn around and just as publicly denounce  those very same shenanigans in which you regularly participate. QUITITOUT!

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Loving the metaphors