Friday, July 23

Pleasant Surprises

I have had a bit of a hectic week. So excuse the LATENESS of this post.
I've never been big on surprises. All too often, surprises consist of being embarassed, or your mettle being tested. Some definitions of surprise include:
  • a : an attack made without warning
  • b : a taking unawares
There's NOTHING pleasant about ANY of that! When I think of surprises, I think of that JERK Jokey Smurf offering you an exploding present. 

This past weekend, however, was filled with PLEASANT surprises.

Friday, I hung out with 2 of my girls M & J. We haven't been out together, just the three of us in a while. We went from spot to spot and had a jolly good time! M has been booed-up for a while, so we don't really hang out with her anymore, and it's not even a catty "girl" thing. It's a respect for her relationship. We're so mature lol. We went out to 3 lounges & suddenly decided to go to an actual club to hangout with one of our boys that was working there that night. When we got to the area where the club was, we saw two more of our boys working at a party nearby. They were surprised to see all three of us together AND out so late (it was around midnight). They got excited because they thought we were going to their spot, but we told them we were meeting someone elsewhere. when we got to our destination our boy walked us in the door, right by the lady at the door that was looking at us like we were crazy for coming to the club in chillwear... HA! We went in & spoke to more of our boys on duty that night. we 2-stepped a little, but mostly LAUGHED, as always. M started getting sleepy so we had to take her old behind back to her car! As we were walking back to the car, we passed by the other spot where more of our boys were working. The DJ (who we didn't know) saw us walking down the street & told us to come in. We walked up to the front of the spot & saw some of our people working the door. so we walked right in. we walked around and spoke to everyone we knew and made sure we greeted the dj. Then we left. We were told, by the guy on the mic that we need to stop doing cameos. WE found it hilarious, YOU may not. It was a GREAT night to be, what we call, established. Through our journeys in life in the Metro area, we have met some great people in high school, college and after that we have remained good friends with. It just so happens that many of them have made their way into the club/lounge scene and even though we don't party 4 days a week like we used to, we can still walk up in a spot and be greeted with a smile, a hug, a joke, and a drink!

Earlier that Friday, some guys that I met in Jamaica were supposed to be coming to town. I asked my homeboy who was coming and he named 3 guys from Jamaica and, I quote, "This other dude you don't know". I was thinking wow how many of these dudes ARE there? Earlier in the week, one of the guys that I had become really cool with informed me he wasn't coming with them because he had to work. but much to my surprise, the other dude I didn't know, was him! He surprised me! We had a good time Saturday... and I appreciate his friend being in on the ruse. Nice touch...

Sunday, I had made plans to go to the drive in with one of my boys from B'more. I asked him on a whim earlier in the week and really didn't expect him to WANT to go, let alone follow through. I was snoozing in my recliner after church on Sunday, and my text messgae alert went off. It was him asking me what time we were meeting. I drove up north to pick him up and we headed to the good old-fashioned drive in. I LOVED Inception, but I was surprised that Grown-Ups just was NOT funny to me!

Overall, once again, my weekend was made of AWESOME! I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had and with who. It's not often that people can surprise me with their actions. I often try NOT to have any expectations at all,(or, despite my new more positive attitude, LOW expectatoins),  in an effort to avoid the disappointment I was experiencing in too many people. But this weekend, I was pleasantly surprised everyday by how good people made good days AWESOME!

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