Friday, August 6

Fathers, Be Good To Your Daughters

It's been a minute, huh? I have been pretty wrapped up in nothingness. Truth is I am busy at work and braindead at home. Sucks, right? Especially when you are kinda sorta but not really looking forward to my particular brand of foolishness. So enough with these wack excuses. Let's get to it.

Montana Fishburne. GIRL, what IS you doin? Your father is none other than Cowboy Curtis, Furious Styles, Ike Turner, MORPHEUS. Why are you doing hotel room pron, baby? I can't imagine how Laurence must feel. Chris Rock said a father's only job is to keep his daughter off the pole. (NSFW)

So I am sure pron is the ULTIMATE in father failures. It HAS to be. Even if Larry wasn't in her life, this is NOT how you get his attention.

Kendra, Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, was on Wendy Williams (whom I ADORE) earlier this week and she was talking about growing up without a father, etc. And Wendy was fascinated by her story. I was like REALLY? SERIOUSLY? I didn't grow up with MY dad and somehow I managed to get through high school, college AND graduate school without being pregnant, sliding down a pole, posing crotch first or having sex on film. (sidenote: that last part may not be true, I was a little fancy-free in college, I may have gotten got by a lil red light in a dorm room, but let's HOPE not.) *ahem* Anyway, fatherless children don't all turn out bad just like children with fathers don't all turn out good. But I am not sure how I feel about people citing growing up fatherless as a catalyst for bad decisions.

Back to Montana, she says Kim Kardashian is her role model. *lays down in the floor and awaits death* GIRL, are you serious? So because Kim Kardashian got famous from lazily laying on her back. YOU choose that route too? Even though your father is a respected actor? You choose the trashy, easy way of sleeping your way to the middle? She is so sadly misguided & undecided. She missing some VERY key pieces to this puzzle. I'm not even going to point them out, but you all are smart and logical. Think of the Kardashians & think of the Fishburnes... I'll wait! I'm sure it didn't take YOU long to figure out why this wouldn't work for her. Yet, somehow she thinks it will. Why not follow your FATHER'S example and use your actual TALENT to get you where you want to be. I mean if nothing else, it is PAINFULLY obvious Larry is your dad, so why not use name & face (read: jawline) recognition to get you in the door? *sigh* She claims her dad is furious (Styles) about this whole thing, yet she is doing it anyway.

It all comes down to this. Daddy issues or not, fathers, be good to your daughters so they can stop blaming you for their bad choices in life. Personally, I'm sick of it!

A Fatherless Child (kinda) Who Made Good Decisions (mostly)

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Urban Lush said...

So how long you think it will take before she comes out about being turned out by her pornstar boyfriend and he had her doing these things? Also how long before she's born again and becomes a pastor somewhere?