Tuesday, November 30

Bri Cooley's Favorite Things- Part 1

I didn't watch The Big O's Favorite Things cuz I knew I would just get mad! this isn't really my FAVORITE things because I don't actually own ANY of it.
I saw that a friend had a posted a Christmas Wish List on his FB page. So I "borrowed" his idea & brought it HERE!

This is a list I have compiled throughout the morning. There is no rhyme or reason, no price list & no chance of me getting some of it, but a girl can dream, can't she? I am posting this now, it's fairly reasonable... I MIGHT get foolish with it later today.

Here goes:
 ZEBRA PRINT SNUGGIE- Judge not lest ye be buying this for me! and it MUST be ZEEBAH print!

The Bobby Flay Grill Pan- which is no longer available on the Kohl's website so whosoinever finds this for me is in my eternal...... gratitude!

 Rachel Ray Casseroval Dish- her voice is grating, but her products are GREAT! I need that color!

Ninja Master Prep- I neeeed it!

The Yudu Personal, tabletop Screen printer- ZOMG I fell in love early one Saturday morning!

XBox 360 with Kinect- YEZZIRRRR!!!

Andrick coat by Anthropologie- *drool drool drool*

Tibi Women's Bastia knee-high boot- it's grey suede DELICIOUSNESS!!! for only $715 sweet bucks!

Minnetonka Tramper & Hi Top Back Zip Boots-
I don't NEED either of these, but I WANT THEM BOTH! I *heart* Minnetonnka shoes!

Kooba Mara                                 Kooba Asher

Kooba Savannah

Haverty's Bayhall upholstered headboard-
 Do you know what kinda SWEET DREAMS I could have?

Anna Sui Classic- I only have a SMALL bottle left... I am wearing it right now & I feel/smell FANTASTIQUE!

OSIM uAstro Zero-Gravity Massage Chair- 
 I would give up all the furniture in my living room for THIS CHAIR!

Nintendo Wii- RED- I want NEEEEEED the red one!


lani3000 said...

You need a WII in red TOO!!

CB said...

I WANT THAT CHAIR!!! You can keep everything else, just give me the chair and I'll be a happy woman.