Monday, November 1

SAY IT LOUD: I Don't Care & I'm PROUD!

Yesterday, we had the Rev. Al Sharpton visit my place of worship encouraging us to vote. Then our pastor got up and encouraged our voices to be heard adding, "If you don't vote, you're trifling!"

I whole-heartedly agree until I heard someone announce: "Well, I'm trifling, cuz I don't believe in politics," with a straight face.

There was a young lady that will be voting for the first time on Tuesday and she stated proudly: "Well I'm voting because my voice needs to be heard!" To which the person replied again: "I don't believe in politics." and she promptly received an "Mm." and a side-eye from the young lady & I.

I refused to engage her in any further conversation. What more was there to say, she was loudly & proudly uninformed & makes poor-life decisions, right? What would make you announce something like that not only once, but two times? All I could do was shake my head. Because, basically, what she was saying was: "I let life happen to me & I don't take any action."

After having Al Sharpton come to you directly & your Pastor calling you trifling, you still say that two times and with confidence. While I kinda sorta wanted to know WHY. I realized that nothing this person said would have made any sense. Because the bottom line is: if you don't vote, you cna't complain. I mean, well, you CAN complain, but no one cares.

I could really get deep and go all in, but that's not even necessary because anyone that would announce they don't "believe in politics" at such a time as this, clearly, just doesn't know any better nor do they care.

With that said- Go out there tomorrow & do ya thing!


Suga Brown said...

She doesn't have to believe in politics, but politics is definitely believing the hell out of her. And will take her inactive, ineffective ass for everything she has. I'm rolling my eyes into a major headache.

L. Denise said...

Glad I missed that.