Friday, February 18

All-Star Weekend = Black Thanksgiving? Ummmm...

So David Aldridge over at CNN wrote a piece on All-Star weekend being like the "Black Thanksgiving" which is a term that he accredits to Michael Wilbon. Ummmm, I don't agree.

Here's the article:

It's in the OPINION section, so I'm not mad at CNN for this, but seriously... MY Thanksgiving is in November, just like everyone else I know.

He talks about going to whatever city the ASW with no tickets to any events and attending the parties, just to be close to the players. He likens it to the All-Star games of the Negro Leagues. I don't think that is a fair comparison because of what was going on in the black community and the United States at that time. There weren't as many Black people in prominence as there are now. It seems that then all we had were the athletes and the musicians. But this editorial seems to say the same thing.

Don't get me wrong, there are a large group of Black people that make the ASW pilgrimage every year. But let me just say, I am not friends with very many of them, if any at all. These are also a lot of the same people that are not in my social circle. I am really trying to figure out a nice way to say this. *sigh*  Look, the majority of the females I know OF that have clamored to go to All-Star weekend have been... chickenheads. And the majority of the males I know OF that go are hangers-on or wannabes. When the All-Star game came to DC, I think I may have gone to like one party, IF that. I spent most of my time avoiding the city and the out-of-towners hanging about. What is the point in going to an event for which you have no tickets, in hopes of getting close to, walking by, or driving next to someone who was in the event.

I guess I have accidentally been close to my share of athletes and entertainers that it has pretty much made the idea of going somewhere to PURPOSELY be close to them moot. I just don't understand why an adult would have that desire. He mentioned going with the girls, or the fellas or the frat. I don't know about anyone else but MY girls and I prefer to go to places where there won't be a lot of people so WE can spend time with US. Truth be told, there has barely been a vacation or roadtrip where the girls & I haven't bumped into a famous face or 3. I don't know maybe I am just over the idea of athletes and entertainers being soooooooooo celebrated.

But to compare THIS to Thanksgiving... sooo not the same. I can see how in some circles it would be a big deal... but for me, I just want to see the Slam Dunk Contest & I'll be happy watching it here on the couch in HD & congratulating JaVale McGee if & when I see him out & about in DC, or not.

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