Tuesday, February 1

Bacon Makes EVERYTHING Better

And a good cabernet...
And great customer service...

I took the beau to a birthday dinner at Restaurant Three in Arlington, VA. We were watching a show called bacon paradise and this place was featured. Once I found out they were local AND they made their own bacon, I WAS SOLD! I couldn't WAIT to go and was looking for the right occasion. Enter beau's birthday.

We arrived mega early because i can't tell or remember times. But we were seated right away. we were given 3 menus: The regular menu, the Restaurant Week menu, and the beer & wine menu. Their RW menu included an appetizer, an entree, a dessert and a draft beer or a glass of house wine. He had the duck breast lettuce wraps and I had the scallops & grits. He fell in love with the bourbon molasses, and I ADORED the scallops & grits because I can't eat shrimp so I had no idea what all the hype was about surrounding the whole shrimp & grits thing. Please note, "I can't eat shrimp" does NOT equal I am allergic to shellfish, Ok? Ok!
When our entrees came, I was in LOVE.
My meal:
Rib eye, marrow bone, mashed potatoes

Bacon wrapped pork loin, corn bread & bacon stuffing, brussel sprouts with beer & bacon

Unfortunately, I had to send my rib eye back. I ordered what he was having to-go as a replacement. The waiter apologized & then the manager came over & asked me if I wanted anything while I waited for the third course. In hindsight, I should have had the mac & cheese so I would know what it tasted like for the next time. However, I declined & waited quietly with my wine as the beau finished his meal. (Read- ate off his plate a few times). The waiter poured me another glass of wine and I was happy. Already satisfied with the leve of service I had recieved, the manager came back with another awesome surprise. One that guaranteed I would be returning!

When the dessert arrived, I think I may have SQUEALED!
 He had the chocolate cheesecake & I had the chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate sauce. Let's just say that that was THE BEST BREAD PUDDING I HAVE EVER HAD.

Overall, it was a GREAT experience & I cannot wait to go back! They have a Bacon Happy Hour on Thursday's and in September, they have Bacon week where EVERYTHING on the menu has bacon in it... I need to make sure I drink lots of water to ensure my pressure doesn't shoot up though!

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