Friday, February 25

Makin Happy!


I have been smiling all morning for no real reason. It's raining here, but I brought the sunshine with me today! I mentioned this to my girl T and she said she was just talking to someone else about DECIDING to be happy & then just living in it. I couldn't agree more.

But there is a distinct difference in DECIDING to be happy and PRETENDING to be happy. So many times people get caught up in looking happy & not letting their misery show. But it always shines through. Besides, who are you fronting for? Certainly not me! If so, why? No amount of fancy clothes & expensive makeup can make you LOOK happy. Happiness is on the inside, regardless of the outside.

If your happiness is based in someone else's misery, then you're probably not happy. Happiness is based internally, not externally. If you get up in the morning and your whole motivation is to make someone jealous; you're probably not happy. If you go out of your way to disrupt someone else's life or salt their game. You're probably not happy.

Happiness is a decision that no matter what comes your way, it is well with your soul. Good or bad, there is a peace. Happiness shows no matter what the clothes or car or house. Happiness is a choice. If you can't be happy about the choices you make, you may need to start making better choices... And if your available options aren't making you happy, then maybe you need a  new plan.

Happiness, I CHOOSE IT!


DigitalDeena said...

amen, and AMEN! nothing but truth here.

CB said...

PREACH Bria!!!