Tuesday, November 8


Conrad Murray (no longer a doctor) was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Many people thought the verdict was correct & many others thought it was unfair.

Here is my opinion:

One of the first things learned in med school is the code of ethics. It seems that Murray misinterpreted the concept of  nonmaleficence and the phrase "First, do no harm."  He took the idea that sometimes it's best to NOT do something or to do nothing and ran with it; somehow forgetting that that is the case only if it will cause MORE harm. IF MJ was an addict... IF MJ was insisting on these inappropriate drugs... then, whose responsibility is it to take care of him? And in taking care of him, does that include monitoring his intake of inappropriate drugs. OR does that include not allowing him to use them?

So many people were talking about money playing into it. WHY!?!?? Becuase if he wasn't paying Murray to supply the drugs he would pay someone else? Face it, that's just dumb & what's wrong with the world. I just cannot wrap my mind around a doctor SITTING there WITH MJ and allowing this to go on. A doctor writing a celeb a prescription for a drug they claim they need & sending them on their way is NOT the same thing as a concierge doctor sititng there with the celeb and permitting them to essentially kill themselves. Not to mention, this is MICHAEL JACKSON!

I didn't follow the case AT ALL! So I don't know very many details, but I DO know that part of his defense was MJ delivered the deadly dose himself. Which may or may not have been the case, but who provided him with it? It ALL comes back to the doctor as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know what he's going to do now that he is no longer a doctor and regardless of being found guilty, I really hope he has just a little bit of guilt; a sense of culpability, if you will. You helped the beloved King of Pop end it all & you KNEW that you knew better! *Aunt Esther eyes*

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