Thursday, November 17

Money. Over. Ev'rything.

I swear I try not to be too political or just yammer on without doing any research. But sometimes you SEE things & you have to SAY things. Well,  maybe not when you see an old man fondling a 10 year old in the shower.... *SIDE EYE* But maybe when your elected officials cannot pass anything that helps the economy, but CAN pass legislation declaring pizza sauce as a vegetable & allowed unhealthy school lunches to continue to make our children enormous, stupid & slow. Score one for the frozen pizza manufacturers and the potato processors! yay.

So what do school lunch legislation & Penn State have to do with one another? Simple, the children weren't as important as that MUHNNY! This is what has become of our society... or should I say what our society is becoming. I am praying that our children are protected from this foolishness & also working toward it. But as long as "corporations are people" and those "people" are more important than our children, we will continue to raise (or not raise) a society full of fatter, dumber children that continue to buy into whatever the corporations are forcing down their throats.

Everyday we get closer & closer to becoming an Idiocracy... If you have't seen the movie, the first few minutes should give you a pretty good idea: (STRONG language)


Until future generations become a priority instead of money & our own selfish desires, we're doomed. They can't take it with them, so what's the point? It's a really good thing they can't take it with them because it would probably make life in hell a little easier. *spit*

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