Tuesday, September 18

One of the Boys, Once Again

This weekend I travelled to NC to perform with my improv group in a ComedySports type competition. And on a whim I text my boy Jay the week before to ask if I could stay with him. He obliged. I kinda stood Jay up the last time I was in NC & hadn't really seen him in years! He had recently purchased a townhouse & I was really excited to see it. It just so happens that the planets aligned in a special way this weekend, because my bff (who I seriously thought had fallen from the face of the earth) decided he too was going to come to town. Needless to say, it was like old times.

They were drinking, I was laughing at them drinking because I had gotten food poisoning from MIAMI SUBS! So my stomach was on E most of the weekend. But being there with them made it ok. There were two other guys there from our college days. One of whom remembered I was one of the boys, one of whom seemed shocked by it.

All in all, I really missed them & I really am glad that I got the chance to be part of such a rare occurrence. I am trying to convince them we should all do it again for homecoming, but that is going to take some doing.

Jay & "Burger" (lol) I love y'all SO MUCH!! WOW, I almost forgot what it felt like to be around good dudes that are also friends! It makes me remember that there are still some good Black men out there that are actually educated AND attractive! WOW!

I felt good until, I got home & realized I was MILES away from them. Despite cell phones & email & IM nothing beat being there being one of the boys, once again.

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