Wednesday, September 5

Lights OUT!

This weekend, we were forced into conversation by some fat, bald, old braggard who seemed to have a penchant to getting props where they were not due. He started off all of his "converstations" with: "Can I ask you a question?" and I use quotes around the word conversation because they were mostly thinly vieled discussions about why he was such a great guy.

The first question was about who was fatter, him or his friend. They were both obese but the older guy was more solid than the younger one. Mimi stroked his ego there by telling him he was more muscular, I added in they were both fat. The second question was about the average size of women in America. Mimi obliged again & said 14 or 16. To which Big Blackanbald replies, "Well, I want me a below average woman. I need someone like a size 8!" I had had ENOUGH of him already. I said, out loud but to no one in particular, "How are you going to demand your girl be slim & you ass is fat!" Obviously, Big Blackanbald thought he was a catch. CHILE, BYE! I walked away from the stupid, ignorant, pointless convo because I was going to fire him up & be labled bitter. In case you were wondering, I'm a size 8... ANYWAY!

So, I somehow end up back near the convo as it goes on to his last relationship. This wonderful woman he had taken up with had 2 children & was in school. He was paying all the bills & such. He told her all she had to do was pay the light bill & the cable bill. Sounds like a super SWEET set up, right? WRONG! HE says he came home one day and the house was dark. He hit the switch & NOTHIN! The lights had been cut off. HA! I was dying laughing. All I could think is, that's what you get!

Is that wrong? NOPE! Any woman that would allow a man to take care of her & her 2 children so soon in a relationship, ain't all the way right. Any man willing to save a chick so desperately that he is doing WAY more than going halvsies on the bills without knowing anything about her responsibility & maturity level, is a fool! The funny thing is, he didn't understand where he went wrong. Reminds me of a Project Pat tune I love (cuz I loves me some ignant rap): "Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved." He didn't ask the right questions.
Where are the childrens' father(s)? Personal as it may SEEM, if you are planning on moving this person into your home, you need to know who may come a-knockin on your door. And the truth may be that the father(s) weren't helping her OR they were in jail OR that she didnt' know who they were. ALL insights into this person's character.

How was she spending her money before? Has she NEVER been able to support her children, or what. If she didn't pay the bills until final notice when it was JUST her then, there was always this danger.

You can't just scoop up some coal & squeeze it into a diamond. That's not how it works... sometimes coal is coal. And you have to KNOW the difference. He was gonna MAKE him a diamond. EVen if all she wanted was to be some coal. And he didn't see the problem.

Among my girls, the vast majority of us wouldn't go for this deal... because as great as it SOUNDS, something isn't right. Why would someone OFFER this type of deal right away? It would be one thing if we were going half for a while & then, slowly, he started taking on more bills. But anyone who would sign up for this too good to be true type deal isn't thinking clearly, nor is the person offering it. There is always a catch & unfortunately Big Blacknbald was caught in the dark!

I hope he learned his lesson!

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