Tuesday, October 9

I HATE that I Love New York Too

*standing solemnly & introducing myself*
My name is Bri Cooley & I am an Urealaholic. I am currently actively DVRing 4 reality shows & anxiously awaiting the new season of Project Runway. Last night, I Love New York joined my DVR series recording list and is kept company by the "reality" shows America's Next Top Model, Hell's Kitchen, and Beauty and the Geek. All shows that use regular people, they have now started calling them unscripted shows because they have gotten MUCH less real & more ridiculous!

Speaking of MORE ridiculous, I watched ILNY2 in shock & awe last night as more men signed on to act the fool all in the name of 15 minutes of fame. I was disappointed, and attracted all at once... the paradox of life as a semi-socially concious Black woman & also a student of the human psyche. Whatever the dumb hoes real name is, Tiffany something or other & her "mother" (who ALMOST looked female last night [not to be confused with feminine]) were all dressed up with no place to hoe last night. There were a few viable options, let's review, shall we?

- Wolf... This isn't a great picture of him, but his introduction to NY was about the size of his member... Based on what I have HEARD about skinny men, he may not be lying...

- It.. again NOT a great picture, but he is tall, handsome, pretty lips, kinda thick and DUMB as a box of rocks... I'm SOLD!

- Midget Mac... he had more swagger than anyone in the house. Mimi & I were drawn to him. He's a keeper!

- Pretty... YES LAWD! I SAY YES LAWD! I hope this appearance doesn't affect his legal career, but I am so SO glad he was chosen. Mm mm mmmmmmmm!

Let me just say that New York is as fake as they come. She delivers her lines like SHE can't even believe them... always semi-smiling & looking like a muppet...

The low lights of the night were:

* NY's "mother" SCREAMING when she saw Midget Mac, bych grow up!
* TailorMade paying people BIG money to spend time with NY
* It kissing and licking on NY's shoulder... this made me feel some kind of way... woooooow!
* Ma'Ma' (ManMan) & Milliown arguing over absolutely nothing for MINUTES upon minutes!
* Champion leaving with NY's "mother"
* NY's "mother" looking almmost like a female human life form

I also watched the Hip Hop Dishonors, but I left my notes @ home so you will get my FULL review this evening... and I will warn you I MISSED Lupe's FIASCO because I fell asleep for part of it & then switched to BOONDOCKS for the last part. BUT I did see Whodini's old asses out ther doing it up... That one dude hasn't aged much at all, with his dancing self!


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