Wednesday, October 31

What a Difference a Day Makes

I lost his smile for just a day...
I thought I lost his heart
I lost his sunshine for a day
I thought we'd fallen apart
I lost his attention for a day
And I thought that he had gone away
What courage and strength a day takes
What ample time for mistakes
What spells & voodoo a day breaks
What a difference a day makes

I only cared about me for a day
What had I done wrong or right
No thought to where he might be for a day
Whether he walked in the dark or the light
Focused on only me for a day
Worried that I had caused him to stray
What claims a conflicted heart stakes
What fears and anxieties a day wakes
What balm for imaginary heartaches
What a difference a day makes.

Twenty four hours ago,
I thought I'd lost my mind
Twenty for hours ago,
I didn't know what I would find
As the day went by
I had to try
To figure out why
Things went awry
Between he and I...
Twenty four hours ago
I thought it was done although
I did not think, I did not know
There was no place else he wanted to go

What a difference

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