Monday, October 22

I have something to say!

I have 2 things I really want to get off my chest, but I can't. These things are probably the nearest & dearest issues to my heart right now. So, instead of spelling it ALLLLL out... I will just make 2 brief observations. I hope you understand.

The Thin Line Between Jealousy & Disappointment

When you see a woman you know being well taken care of by some man. You can't help but to be a little bit jealous especially when no one is taking care of you. Here you are working hard & providing for yourself. And then there is someone else that seems to be making all the wrong choices with unfaltering support from some man. All the while, you can't help but be disappointed in this person. How can you in good conscience be a kept woman & not want to do a thing for yourself? Their lack of motivation to get up get out & get something makes you feel like maybe YOU have it wrong & THEY have it right.

Somebody Else's Guy

When it comes to relationships, I am a STRONG believer in believing. When things are right, they just are. Conflicts are much easier to deal with and conversation flows like a stream... easy, quiet, tranquil, relaxing. When you envision the "one" you don't often see probation records, ex-wives, bad credit, baby mamas, living at home. When you envision the one, you don't think: "Oh he will have this obstacle I will have to overcome in order to be with him." Silly me, I want to be my husband's first wife and the first to bear his child (YES, I just said that, don't judge me!). But it seems like my dreams are just that, because when I awake, the reality is... more & more men have ex-wives, current wives, children. It leads me to wonder if those things on my IDEAL list are falling out of fashion & favor. Maybe I need to modify, or make exceptions... or not.

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