Monday, August 31

Skinny Jeans WIth Dresses.... on BOYS?

So a friend of mine has pointed out the latest trend on these DC streets. Islamic style attire... WHY?

I did notice the other day a young man in a long black thobe and a taqiyah- in essence a long black dress and a muslim style beanie- with just a HINT of skinny jean peeking out. I was impressed by this young man's religious convictions that enabled him to walk through a otriously unsafe neighborhood in such garb. Until I began seeing more and more young men dressed this way. Now, three wordds come to mind: WHAT THE HE**?

Why is this the new fad? Why is this the new white tee and jeans? Why are the little boys in DC such followers? Why can't these kids come up with a new fad that is actually ATTRACTIVE? (Gray sweatpants and New Balance will forever by in my heart!) *looks off into distance thinking of HIM in gray sweatpants*

Aaaaaaaand I'm back...

Why on earth would a man want to put on slim fit jeans and a dress? in the summer? in DC?

Which leads to the next question: Is it disrespect to do so? these garments aren't fashion to those of the faith, they are direct reflections of the wearers religious commitment. By these non-adherents rocking it in the streets, is that minimalizing the sacred nature of the garments and their meanings... Which, byt the way, I don't know the history of, I'm just wondering wassupwitdat...

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